Today’s TV Addict Top 5: Questions with CHUCK Star Joshua Gomez

Heading into CHUCK’s fourth season, what would you say is most fun aspect about playing Morgan?
Joshua Gomez: The wonderful thing about playing Morgan is that every season he’s evolved and done more and greater, which culminated with finally learning about Chuck’s secret last season. I’ve had so much fun with the character because every season hasn’t felt like I’ve been playing the same character, it’s really been a blast. Of course, the challenge is trying to find ways to evolve Morgan and mature him, without losing touch of what kept him likeable to begin with.

Just how far do you think Morgan would follow Chuck into his rogue endeavours now that he knows the truth about his best friend?
Morgan would follow Chuck anywhere he wanted him to go. I think Morgan — beyond being this completely loyal friend and that kind of a guy — is simply a good-natured loyal dude. To him, the reveal of Chuck’s job outside the Buy More — as we saw in “Chuck Versus the Beard” — it was just the coolest thing in the world. Despite the ramifications of the whole thing, which I’m not sure Morgan quite gets yet, we’re living out every video game we’ve ever played and every movie we’ve ever watched. And if you can get past the handful of bullets whizzing around or ginormous men grabbing at you, in a weird way it’s still fun.

Now that Morgan’s has been officially brought into the CIA fold, will fans notice an upgrade in his combat skills?
I don’t think there’s much of an evolution in that department. Combat skills are probably not Morgan’s forté, although I think he wants to learn. I think he wants to get better and I think in John Casey he’s got the right sort of mentor. Me and Adam [Baldwin, John Casey’s portrayer] play with this thing every time we’re in a scene together where I’m always trying to stare at him, mimic him and do anything John Casey does. So I’ll stand like him, start to grunt like him, and do whatever so that eventually I’m hoping Casey can teach Morgan a few fisticuffs. But as of yet, nothing!

Do you ever worry that now Morgan knows Chuck’s secret and that he is more involved in the CIA he’ll lose that certain level of goofy incompetence that made fans fall in love with him in the first place?
While there clearly are things that Morgan is not good at, I’ve always kind of viewed those things as stuff that he didn’t want to be good at. I think that he was more of a slacker in the non-traditional sense of the word. Morgan has his best buddy, video games and pizza nights, where he’s just a happy dude. His biggest fault is probably his lack of any real ambition.

Do yourself or Morgan have a dream guest star?
For Morgan, it would probably be Optimus Prime or something like else equally unlikely. As for myself, I’ve always fantasized about having Vince Vaughn work at the Buy More. Vince Vaughn as “Greta,” would that be possible?

CHUCK airs Mondays at 8PM on NBC

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