Channel Surfing: THE EVENT, GOSSIP GIRL & 90210

Let this be a lesson to all you current and future television showrunners out there. Last night’s instalment of THE EVENT should be looked upon as the perfect example of how not to cleverly construct an episodic cliffhanger. Which is to say, if the “jaw-dropping” final scene that you’ve been spending three episodes building up to involves re-animating a group of passengers that were already pronounced dead on the scene, and among said roster of passengers is none other than highly paid series regular Scott Patterson. Well, we think the technical term is, “Holy Anti-Climactic Batman!”

Just how good was last night’s GOSSIP GIRL that culminated in Chuck Bass declaring his very own version of The Hunger Games on the queen of scheme Blair Waldorf? So deliciously fun that we’ll forgive the seemingly never-ending snooze-worthy Dan/Serena/Nate love triangle that outside of poor lovesick Vanessa, absolutely nobody cares about.

And speaking of completely superfluous characters, last night’s 90210 was thisclose to becoming an instant-classic! Unfortunately, the only thing holding it back following Teddy’s incredibly timely struggle with his sexuality (Related: Chris Colfer promises “It Gets Better”), Naomi’s continued attempt to come to grips with her attacker and a long-awaited-honest-to-goodness interesting dilemma for Dixon was two words: Naveed Shirazi. A character that was so poorly conceived it almost has us pining for the return of Dustin Milligan’s Ethan, or wishing the writers would — in a nod to the original series which just yesterday celebrated its 20th Anniversary — pull a “Scotty,” in the living room, with a pistol!

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  • shanna

    I like Navid. I think the random “Teddy is gay!” storyline is dumb.

  • While completely out of nowhere, I would argue that Teddy's story is a pretty important one during this recent string of unfortunate teenage suicides. As for Navid, while everyone's entitle to their opinion. What exactly is his purpose on the show?