Good News, Bad News: MELISSA & JOEY, FRIDAY NIGHT LIGHTS & Justin Bieber

Good News: Pulling out all the stops for what will surely be a phenomenal final season, DirecTV has just released an incredibly hot promo in anticipation of FRIDAY NIGHT LIGHTS October 27th premiere. Bad News: Aside from the fact we’re unable to subscribe to DirecTV and thus won’t be getting the opportunity to catch the final season until next summer, when it comes to our favorite TV shows (see: EVERWOOD, GROSSE POINTE, JACK & BOBBY to name a few) we have serious issues about letting go.

Good News: MTV is reviving PUNK’d. Bad News: With Justin Bieber as host. And no, you’re totally not being Punk’d, this is actually happening.

Good News: ABC Family’s MELISSA & JOEY will host a BROTHERLY LOVE reunion when Joe’s real-life sibling Matthew guests on the upcoming November 2nd episode. Bad News: Did we seriously just make a BROTHERLY LOVE reference?

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  • Justin Bieber?! UGH!

  • Won't it be available online though?

  • shanna

    They do not become available officially online until NBC airs them (obviously there are illegal downloads).

    Thank God I have DirecTv!