Infographic: How We Watch TV!

Proof that not all television shows are created equal, comes our latest info-graphic illustrating just how we watch TV!

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  • Anon

    Wow you put a show on there that's already been canceled? Way to stay current!

  • Hey Now!

    Easy There!

    TV Addict brings us tons of cool info and awesome graphics, cut'em some slack!

  • I saw the pilot for No Onery Family, but I wasn't hooked.

  • There's two canceled shows on there. It's just a quality break-down of the new shows.

  • Awesome! I agree with all of your undevided attention ones, except The Event, because I drift off in my own head after being irritated by some of the more stupid lines on the show, but hey atleast I try to be focused. I'd add Terriers to this group. Raising Hope has been a pleasant surprise, as has No Ordinary Family. But I might check the net if I'm bored mid-episode. Other than that few new shows have grabbed my attention. I might sometimes watch Better With You simultanously as I surf the net, while waiting for Modern Family and Cougar Town. But it's far from a must-see, but sadly there has been no really good new comedies this year.

  • Nick

    No Ornery Family?

  • Danny

    You constantly fuel my new-found love for info-graphics! I would put Hellcats in between the second and third category!

  • Don’t let the title dissuade you: “Terriers” definitely deserves to have your undivided attention.