Say What? Our TV Quote of the Day!

At the risk of completely overhyping tonight’s episode of GLEE — an episode that already combines two of our favorite things in the universe (TV + Grilled Cheese) — comes our TV Quote of the Day from TV Guide Magazine’s Damian Holbrook, who took the words right of our mouth by tweeting the following, “Tonight’s #Glee is their best episode since “Wheels.” If it does not affect you, you are most likely a cyborg. #grilledcheesus”

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  • Can't Wait For Tonight!

  • Oh GOD. There is absolutely nothing I hate more about Glee than when it becomes a preachy mess that takes itself too seriously. Yes, even more so than the inconsistent and crappy character writing. Episodes such as Home, Laryngitis and even Wheels (I have never understood how anybody liked the afterschoolspecialness of this episode) have been my least favorite of the show. Not to mention the horrible first season finale where everybody had their very own special cry and sing moment. Hopefully the very talented (albeit underutilized) cast gets to show off some of their acting abilities at least. I'll definitely watch, even though Glee is a show that is ridiculously far from the dark, witty satire it should have been.