Since this TV Addict was otherwise occupied with activities that didn’t involve vegging-out on a couch last night, we thought we’d turn things over to you — our far smarter and better looking readers — for your take on last night’s TV. Did GLEE live up to the hype? Was THE GOOD WIFE great? Did PARENTHOOD have you reaching for the kleenex? Was NO ORDINARY FAMILY anything but? Did anybody tune into RAISING HOPE and RUNNING WILDE? And was what creator Liz Tigelaar called her favorite episode of LIFE UNEXPECTED to date as good you, well, expected? Post away in the comments below.

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  • Last night’s episode of “Life Unexpected” was probably my favorite of the season thus far.

    I also thought “GLEE” was okay–the storyline between Kurt and his father always seems to work for me. Kurt’s rendition of “Hold My Hand” is the first song of the season that’s had me rushing to iTunes to make a purchase–something that I used to do regularly during the first season.

    The downside to the episode–and all the episodes with Kurt and his dad, honestly–is that it’s not comedy…and I don’t know how GLEE will ever win a comedy Emmy when their best work is more dramatic.

    “The Good Wife” was great–not enough Kalinda for my taste, but still really enjoyable.

    “Parenthood” I watched this morning before work and I thought it was a pretty weak episode overall. Everything just wrapped up too tidily and it just didn’t seem plausible.

  • Only one I actually watching was Glee. It was an alright episode, seemed preachy to me and yes I understand that that was the angle for this week but it still got on my nerves slightly. LOVED “Hold My Hand”, made me teary eyed.

    Will watch LUX tonight or tomorrow, have high expectations for it though!

    Parenthood and Good Wife, won't get to til this weekend.

  • kevin

    glee was the only one i got to watch. was not impressed with it, especially with all the hype around it last night. it was possibly my least favorite episode to date. although the grilled cheesus bit was pretty awesome.

    as a slight aside, i thought the glee producers had been talking about doing less songs this season? it seems like the last couple episodes have had too many, and most of them haven't been that good.