Massive Pander Alert! THE SIMPSONS turns Daniel Radcliffe into a Character from TWILIGHT

Just when you thought Entertainment Weekly had completely cornered the market on pandering to both Twilight and Harry Potter fans (Note to EW: We kid because we love) comes the newest arrival to Springfield Elementary! No, really. On November 7th 2010, history will be made in the form of the Ultimate Panderâ„¢ (Note to THE SIMPSONS: Again, we kid because we love) when Lisa finds herself smitten with a mysterious new student named Edmund (voiced by none other than Daniel Radcliffe). Will Homer be able to save her before she runs off to “Dracula-la Land” land and becomes one of the undead? Tune in to the 21st annual “Treehouse of Horror XXI” at 8PM on FOX and find out for yourself.

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  • Haha! Love It! Will def’ be watching!

  • Will watch. Although I’m not sure how many Harry Potter fans will know about this.

  • Anonymous

    Actually I think this is pretty awesome. Daniel Radcliffe doing a parody of a rival franchise. I wouldn’t even refer to it as pandering, because it sounds like a really good idea.