FOX Asks BONES Fans to Choose Their Own Adventure

Okay, not really. But the proverbial powers that be at Fox are more than mildly curious as to what viewers think of some of the recent developments on BONES this season. Just how intrigued you say? Well, interested enough to send out an email to select members of the viewing public asking for their input. Which is where you come in.

While we’re perfectly capable of rating the enjoyment we get out of the series — which thanks to an immensely likeable cast and interesting mix of cases continually earns itself a spot on our “Watch” list despite a very competitive Thursday night time slot — we wanted to get your input on one aspect of the show those Fox execs seem particularly interested in.

That aspect: Hannah!

Not being a die-hard “shipper” ourselves, we figured it would be far more fun to give creator Hart Hanson a preview of the dreaded “notes” he may-or-may-not be about to receive from some very nervous Fox executive by allowing you fans to pass judgement. Should we rate Hannah an “Excellent,” which is to say you’d like to see more of last night’s debatably gratuitous opening scene that saw Booth and Hannah in bed together? Or is Hannah a “Poor” choice of an obstacle between one of television’s favorite will-they-or-won’t-they couples? Post away in the comments below and we’ll be sure to fill out our survey accordingly.

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  • Tracie

    I like Hannah. I’m curious to see how things go with Her, Booth and Brennan.

  • kevin

    i like hannah, and i’m curious to see where the plot goes. i mean, booth and brennan are going to end up together in the end, so it doesn’t matter. that’s kind of the main flaw of the series. once they do get together, i think too many people will lose interest in the show (myself not included).

    also, as an aside, i wish they would use sweets more (i’d totally watch a spinoff show for him).

    also, getting rid of the squinterns would be nice. i don’t dislike any of them, but i feel their presence takes away from the other characters that i like more.

  • e*

    Booth is always great when he’s uncomfortable, so a triangle might bring out some crazy in all of them that could be amusing.

  • Kim

    Hannah was poorly cast. She comes across as dull and boring. She adds nothing and I really don’t care to learn more about her. She is a filler character and other than her role in moving the current story along she is not needed. There are already too many actors on this show and I’d rather learn more about the current characters. Hannah can go anytime.

  • While I like Hannah, it feels like Booth and Hannah both don’t sound super excited about how fast their relationship is going along. Ultimately, I feel like she’s just an obstacle to cross before Booth and Bones end up together.

  • Agreed here. Hannah can get going in my book.

  • Faith

    I like the addition of Hannah and I also think that when Booth and Brennan inevitably become a couple that will kill a lot of what makes the show so great.

    I’m also excited to see a newer character, not that I don’t love the cast because I do and they are awesome but I was really hoping that we’d have more new characters. I’d have liked to see new interns, maybe even one full time one instead of the rotation between the ones used last season. They feel like filler material to me.

    I also like how it seems that Brennan has sort of reverted back to her season 1/2 self now that she’s trying to cope with Booth and Hannah’s relationship.

  • Awbrookscan

    I’m not liking this whole hannah thing, nothing personal agains the actress but it just doesn’t work for me

  • Mikele98

    Hannah has no spark. She is supposed to be this fantastic interesting reporter- she is actually a bore who lacks the ability to connect with people. Between the 3 of them they make a great 1 person. I can’t wait for her to go.

  • Mamamiau

    Tonight’s episode, sans Hannah, was the most entertaining of the season. I was curious about the character and the actress, but the character is just window dressing/plot device material, and the actress can’t carry the weight.

  • Kirbygirl67

    I don’t care for hannah, there is no chemistry with the other characters, especially booth. it is just another obstacle to keep booth and bones apart and i am afraid it will eventually drive loyal fans away. they are dragging it out to long.

  • Kelsey 2121

    I like Hannah myself, in the way that they want everyone to see her, not just as an obstacle between Booth and Brennan but someone that Booth genuinely loves and who loves him back and I think that they are good together. It’s good to see Booth actually happy and it’s like his life is his own again if that makes any sense. I know most people think that Hannah is boring and useless but we really don’t know all that much about her, as exciting as she is made out to be as a fearless reporter. I am sure they will go further into this later on and hopefully people will start to warm up to her because I’m pretty sure that she won’t be going anywhere, at least for awhile. I’m also glad that she and Brennan seem to have some sort of friendship or understanding, though I hear that this won’t be for long. Either way, I think we need to give her a chance. Personally, I’ve gotten a little bored of the whole Booth and Brennan crushing on each other thing. It’s getting kind of old for them to end an episode with the two of them having some deep, personal moment and I think that Hannah has rescued us from some of those.

  • Siddhi

    i like hannah…as parker says…she’s cool….beautiful…but i dont like bones being upset…

  • Pam

    Geez get Brennan’s character back to following the books. She’s so much more of a real person who doesn’t just babble science all the time in a cold way. She has a cat and a bird is there is so much more to her character then we see in the show. I love the show but would just like to see Brennan’s personal life once in a while.

  • Sue

    I think Hannah is a means to push Bones into thinking about what she wants but I am not sure they should get together. I can’t make up my mind on that one. Everyone is getting togehter but Booth and Bones??????? There is only so much denial that is believable.

  • Sassybones

    I couldn’t agree more!!

  • Sassybones

    I have every episode recorded for this season so far but have yet to watch even the first one. The previews, the comments from others.. This whole Hanna thing makes me feel ill. I saw a little piece of last weeks episode of Booth telling Hanna he loved her and not to worry about Parker liking her and my stomach sank to the floor! Then about the last 3 min.s or so at the diner with them talking about the pool thing was just too much for me.
    I knew Booth was to have a knew love interest this year that’s why I’ve only recorded but not watched.
    I am a die hard shipper when it comes to Booth and Brennan. Booth looks way too serious about his lovely blonde. (She is a beautiful actress, just in the wrong series) If things don’t go back to the “Edge of your seat Brennan and Booth.., will they or won’t they.” soon… I’m afraid this is one dissappointed heartbroken Bones fan that’ll be sadly moving on. To see Booth like that with Hanna after last year the way he was with Brennan is just so wrong in every possible way.

    I don’t get why everybody thinks the show will be done if Booth and Brennan do get together.
    It won’t be if it’s well written. Nobody says they have to fall into the usual married couple status. Look at tnt’s ‘The Closer’. Brenda married Fritz after the show had been on a while and they are totally hot together!! They’re fun, they get madder than hell at each other, scared for each other and they still love each other. And it’s great! What’s so hard about that??

  • Cgrenthompson

    Get rid of Hannah. I am so sick of this game the writers are playing with us. I am sick of the way they always show Booth and Hannah in bed together. I don’t see why Booth and Bones can’t be together….Angela and Hodgins finally got together,and they still have chemistry. Hannah is just another blonde bimbo. Some people say that they will lose interest if Booth and Bones get together, but I have about had it with the show, and the ratings have already dropped. Get a clue writers.

  • Cgrenthompson

    You just keep thinking that……I think it’s just a sad way to get Bones to realize her feelings for Booth. Booth says Hannah is “not a consolation prize”., but she is just that. He just doesn’t want to admit it, and he’s too noble to go home and tell Hannah to get out. The only reason Hannah is even being nice to Parker is because she wants Booth. I think Booth was majorly on the rebound when he met Hannah, and he didn’t stay there to be with her. I say, Hannah has served her purpose. Get rid of her.

  • Cgrenthompson

    Bravo!!!! Exactly how I feel? Hasn’t anyone seen Hart to Hart from the 70’s? That was a great show, and they had great chemistry. Pretty sad when people think the chemistry dies when people get married….

  • I like Hannah but many I finally Bones and Booth to get together, watch the show from the outset and I think it’s time and waited enough and is not true that it will become boring …

  • Mary

    I am definite not a fan of Hannah. I think that storyline was a poor choice and I definitely do not like the two of them together. If it was the originial 5-6 episodes it would have been tolerable, but it has dragged on way too long and is taking too much time away from the other lab members.

  • Randee Jones

    I don’t like the fact that Hannah moved in and took the spotlight away from our most promising couple.

  • bonesfan158

    I was in favor of Hannah initially because I was not happy with the fact that Booth didn’t tell Brennan that she didn’t have to change in the 100th episode. I believe that they weren’t ready, Booth was acting on impulse and it backfired. I think Hannah is what he “thinks” he wants and need to have to realize that it is really Brennan he wants. She is necessary for B&B to really get to “their moment”. Having said that, I also believe that Booth and Hannah have gone on long enough. It’s time for her to go.

  • Ksaxton71

    First of all, I love the show! I love seeing how the show has evolved from the first season up until now. This season just seems like everyone/everything is too off. It’s like we are viewing one of the character’s bad dreams (or we are wrapped up in their crazy fantasy/book)that will eventually explain this mess and put everything back into perspective. I know I am hoping for a “happily ever after….” for Booth and Brennan without Hannah.

  • I’m a diehard shipper and I didn’t like Hannah at first. I’m starting to like her a bit but what does that do to the Booth Brennan dynamic.

    If they have both moved on, why am I watching the show? I might, just to look at David Boreanaz,however that doesn’t make a tv show.

    I think it’s time for some Booth Brennan love. It’s 6 years. Can they pull off more magic?