Must Read TV: Katherine Heigl, SONS OF ANARCHY, Max Weinberg & More!

• Admitting you have a problem is the first step to recovery, Katherine Heigl takes a first step into repairing her image (See Video Above)
• Exploding Audience… Brings BIG BANG THEORY stars to Canada!
• Watch your back Oprah, Ryan Seacrest in talks to launch cable network.
• FX FTW! SONS OF ANARCHY renewed for season four.
• Huge ABC Family news (What, too soon?) Network developing a film about Gay Mississippi teen banned from prom.
• Max Weinberg: Open Heart Surgery influenced my decision to leave Conan.

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  • TVAddict you really need to get on the SOA band wagon… WOOHOO for the pick-up!

    And yes, too soon… RIP HUGE!