Must Read TV: COMMUNITY, 90210, THE SIMPSONS & More!

• Look Closer… at the COMMUNITY storyline you may have missed in last week’s episode (See video above)
• Full disclosure: Until last night’s opening credits of THE SIMPSONS, we didn’t know who Bansky was either!
• Where’s the Hits? Ken Tucker examines the disturbing lack of breakout Network shows this fall.
• Coming to America: DOCTOR WHO!
• Does it get better for Teddy on 90210? Trevor Donovan speaks up.

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  • Completely agree with Tucker that there is a surprising lack of any break-out this year. Nothing really ‘buzz’ worthy.

  • Anonymous

    lmao The Abed storyline was the best part of Community last week. I loved how they did it with him and the pregnant girl in the background of all these scenes.

  • Rightisright

    Wow, completely missed that. Community and The Middle are the things on TV right now…both firing on all cylinders!

  • Crystal

    Dr Who in Utah! Woo Hoo! Finally getting some alien loving in the US of A.