3 Reasons Why RUNNING WILDE is Worth Checking Out


Ask and ye shall receive. No, really. In accordance with RUNNING WILDE star Will Arnett’s recent tweet that asked for a little help in saving his hilarious, albeit lowly rated show, we thought we’d do our part by offering up three reasons why RUNNING WILDE (airing Tuesday at 9:30PM on FOX) is worth checking out.

Will Arnett
While we’re the first to admit that Will Arnett isn’t quite breaking new ground with his latest role that has him playing wealthy heir to an oil fortune Steve Wilde, there is a very good reason he has made a career out of portraying immature buffoons seemingly incapable of growing up. Whether he’s learning what ‘KFC’ stands for in a hilarious product integration reminiscent of 30 ROCK, or discovering what it takes to hold onto a real job (Hint: Work past Wednesday) he never fails to make us laugh.

You Gotta Have Heart
Looking back on the failure that was ARRESTED DEVELOPMENT, executives and couch potatoes alike have often sighted the complete absence of likeable characters as one of the reasons the majority of the viewing audience didn’t latch onto the brilliant-but-cancelled series that was. Which is probably why WILDE creator Mitch Hurwitz cleverly ensured his latest group of kooky characters included a doe-eyed idealistic environmentalist named Emmy (Keri Russell) and her adorable daughter Puddle (Stefanie Owen). Characters you can not only root for, but make everyone around them — including Arnett’s Wilde — that much more likeable.

Supporting Cast FTW!
Whether your taste run wilde for ARRESTED DEVELOPMENT alum David Cross (Who is on board for a multi-episode arc as Emmy’s boyfriend Andy), the hilarious Robert Michael Morris who made a name for himself as the flamboyant hair stylist opposite Lisa Kudrow on THE COMEBACK (Playing Wilde’s employee/sidekick/errand-boy), or British comic Peter Serafinowicz (who plays Steve Wilde’s friend and rival Fa’ad), RUNNING WILDE’s supporting cast has something for everyone. Plus, upcoming appearances by Andy Richter, Drea de Matteo and assuming the show gets an order for those elusive back nine episodes — a FELICITY reunion complete with appearances by Scott Foley’s Noel and Scott Speedman’s Ben*

* Full disclosure: We may have just made that last part about the whole FELICITY reunion up in a desperate effort to get you to watch tonight’s episode! That said, Andy Richter really is dropping by the October 12th episode.

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  • Anonymous

    The previews for this show just really turned me off from watching it. It looks terrible, the plot sounds terrible, it has gotten bad reviews, so I really haven’t cared to check it out. I like Will Arnett, but I don’t think he’s enough of a reason for me to watch something.

  • kevin

    i think this show is going to start getting very great very soon. it’s already really funny though.

  • Nick

    “…executives and couch potatoes alike have often sighted the complete absence of likable characters as one of the reasons the majority of the viewing audience didn’t latch onto the brilliant-but-canceled series…”

    You’ve gotta be kidding? The Bluths were so likable and hilarious, it’s ridiculous. Can’t we all just blame the real culprit: moronic viewers who’d rather watch guidos have sex than anything considered “quality TV.” Will and Keri are reason enough to watch this comedy.

  • Anonymous

    This show is atrocious. I’ve heard amazing things about Arrested Development so I thought I’d check it out. It wasn’t funny and I gave it two episodes.

  • Nick,
    The Bluth’s were hilarious, but they were also horrible, narcissistic, self-involved people, each and every one of them.

  • Reason #4

    Want an ‘Arrested Development’ Movie? You’d Better Watch ‘Running Wilde.’


  • amabel

    i don’t find this show funny at all.

  • Crystal

    Love AD and Running Wilde is growing on me. I wish the girl didn’t narrate though…

  • Ciogga

    Episode by episode this show is getting better. The first three were pretty good, with Fa’ad getting almost all the laughs, but episode 4 is absolutely hilarious. It had me belly-laughing several times and is the first time that Arnett’s character became ‘funny’ for me. This, along with The League, is my new favourite US comedy.

  • Lucy


    petition @FOXBroadcasting to SAVE #RUNNINGWILDE! http://act.ly/2hg RT to sign

  • lucy2

    Except George Michael.

  • lucy2

    I agree – wasn’t crazy about it at first, but it’s growing on me too, and Fa’ad and Steve together are hilarious. I hope they at least give it a chance to work out the kinks, but I’m not optimistic.