• OUTLAW, out of a job.
• Actually too big to fail, HBO lands all-star cast for Wall Street expose.
• Really no ordinary family, the women of V talk season 2.
• Got a spare 17 minutes? AMC has released a mini-documentary on the making of THE WALKING DEAD
• Desperate times, call for UNEXPECTED measures!
• Has Jimmy Fallon finally found his footing? The NY Post certainly seems to think so.
• He’s Baaaaccckkkk! BREAKOUT KINGS poised to revive PRISON BREAK baddie.

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  • Anonymous

    I might be the only one but I am looking forward to the return of V! I think it’s going to be awesome how they’ve tied it into the original V series.

    For the promos, they should once again use “Uprising” by Muse. It’s a great song and really effective for this show.

  • You’re not alone, I can’t wait for its return either!

  • hilsto

    While I’m not a huge fan of V, I enjoyed it a lot more than many of the new shows this season. I’ve got a lot of open slots. Hopefully it won’t go up against everything I watch Mondays or Thursdays.