Today’s TV Addict Top 5: Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Miss Tonight’s LIFE UNEXPECTED/ ONE TREE HILL Crossover Event

It’s time for ONE TREE HILL fans to pay it forward
Which is to say, it would be really cool of TREE HILL fans to stick around past the “Millar/Gough Ink” (Read: Closing credits) for a night. Seriously ONE TREE HILL fans, remember way back in 2003/04 when your show was the little watched series nobody expected to survive? Well, eight seasons later, the proverbial shoe is on the other foot. And since you guys know all too well what it’s like to sit back and watch the CW network (formerly the WB) consistently lavish attention on the likes of GOSSIP GIRL, NIKITA and the VAMPIRE DIARIES while all but ignore the rest of the schedule, perhaps you could do us LIFE UNEXPECTED fans a solid and stick around to watch Haley (Bethany Joy Galeotti) and Mia (Kate Voegele) travel to Portland. Particularly because…

LIFE UNEXPECTED needs every viewer that it can get!
No really. With an average of a million and a half viewers, LIFE UNEXPECTED is currently the lowest rated show on the network. Which means when it comes time to find a timeslot for DANNI LOWINSKI, the new legal dramedy pilot that the CW just recently picked up for midseason, one doesn’t need to be smarter than a fifth grader to guess which show the Network is most likely to take off the air to make room.

“Music Faced” is a really good episode.
As is the case with most television episodes that center around one single event, most of the action in tonight’s instalment — which has the entire cast at a Portland music festival hosted by Cate and Ryan’s radio station — takes place off stage. Not only will Ryan discover yet another secret Cate has been harbouring, expect the unexpected on the Lux and Jones relationship front! Plus, two characters end up in concert jail triggering one of our favorite lines of the night (“You got us thrown into concern jail! You know what you are straight out of a Scooby-Doo episode?”)

The musical acts
What’s that? Emotional meltdowns, family squabbles and shocking hookups aren’t your cup of tea? Well perhaps you’ll enjoy the stylings of a few of the evening’s more notable musical guests, including: ONE TREE HILL’s Haley (Bethany Joy Galeotti)and Mia (Kate Voegele), Ben Lee, Sarah McLachlan and the woman behind the catchy LIFE UNEXPECTED theme “Beautiful Tree” Rain Perry.

If they promote it, will you come?
Between scheduling interviews with talent, sending out screeners to the media and plugging the “Coast to Coast Event” with countless on air spots leading up to tonight, the CW actually deserves some serious credit for spending time and energy promoting shows that don’t star vampires, assassins and/or high school/college students making really poor decisions. The only question remaining is whether you the viewer will reward the Network by tuning in? (Sidebar: Did you know, SUPERNATURAL is airing on Friday now?)

LIFE UNEXPECTED airs Tuesdays at 9PM on the CW

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  • taylorm

    I think it is sad that the only promotion that OTH is getting this season is to try to get their viewers to watch Lux. No offense to Lux, but I’d rather see OTH have a full season for it’s final season. It seems to me it’s an either OTH or Lux kind of thing and my vote would be w/OTH.

  • Will definitely be tuning in for LUX, and I hope a lot of viewers do as well. I really hope this show is able to stick around!

  • Lisa

    One Tree Hill has had it’s day, time for another show to get a chance now. I’ll be tuning into LuX.

  • Chris

    talk about ironic, trying to get OTH viewers to watch LUX so that OTH can get cancelled while LUX goes on, haha what a joke. LUX has no one to blame but itself. It may have good writing/acting but maybe it only appeals to a very small pool of people. The ratings for LUX has gone down considerably and it is no one’s fault but LUX.

  • Nick

    It’s that type of reasoning that keeps poor shows on the air longer than they should be (and yeah, I’m talking about OTH), at the expense of other promising shows which are much better. Seriously, what has transpired over the first four episodes of OTH that warrants making us sit thru an entire year of this? I wanna know. Which storylines are SO compelling, we just can’t wait til Tuesday?

  • Dear Chris,
    This was by no means a post to anger OTH fans. Seeing as though both shows were picked up, it isn’t an “us” vs “them” proposition. Rather I simply thought it would be a nice sign if LUX retained all of OTH’s lead-in.

  • Shilo

    Unless you have a Nielsen box, your view doesn’t count anyway.