This Just In: Hollywood Hates the Environment…

… but on the plus side, reports are flooding in throughout the internet that ABC has ordered additional scripts for NO ORDINARY FAMILY, OFF THE MAP and BROTHERS & SISTERS. While over on the CW, LIFE UNEXPECTED, fresh off its highest rated episode of the season that saw it attract 1.7 million viewers, also received an additional script order for two more episodes. But hey, what’s an acre or two of forest when it comes to your favorite TV shows, really?!

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  • Anonymous

    I have to admit, I did not see the additional order for Life Unexpected coming. But then again, it’s The CW, they might choose to never air them or finally realized that they are out of pretty-teens-do-dumb-stuff shows.

  • Happily surprised about LUX, wish it was for more but beggers can’t be choosers!

  • Agreed!

  • Nick

    It IS funny how the only show mentioned that we care about commenting on is LUX. And that’s absolutely the truth.

    I, too, wish for more episodes…but I gotta say, both the promo and description for next Tuesday make me roll my eyes (Cate & Ryan on getaway night, Baze happens to be at same hotel). There better be a whole lot of other drama happening, both in this ep and in all future eps, because the funny video the cast taped is more entertaining than rehashing the same plot points.

  • Anonymous

    I care about Brothers & Sisters. Never seen LUX and No Ordinary Family hasn’t hooked me.

    B&S has been strong this season and I know the ratings have been really solid, so this isn’t too surprising. Although the spoiler I’ve heard about Sunday’s episode has me really unhappy.