Today’s TV Addict Top 5: Reasons We Can’t Wait for Thursday Night TV!

Live from New York… it’s not SATURDAY NIGHT LIVE, but rather 30 ROCK! Which, for the first time in the history of the series will borrow SNL’s Studio 8H to film not just one, but two live shows airing at 8:30PM eastern and pacific time respectively. What’s more, joining Tina Fey, Alec Baldwin et al will be special guest stars Jon Hamm, Cheyenne Jackson, Matt Damon, and us. Who as of right now are currently taking non-binding bets in the comments below as to which seasoned performer will break out of character first. FYI: Our money’s on Tracy Morgan! How about yours?

Houston, we have a problem. That problem: Not nearly enough of you are tuning into what is hands down our favorite comedy currently on the air. Which is why, we’d like to take this opportunity to beg, plead, kindly suggest that instead of tuning into CBS’ very-highly rated hit comedy THE BIG BANG THEORY tonight at 8PM, why not do us a solid by giving what is surely going to be an epic episode of COMMUNITY a shot. If it helps, we have a feeling that even Sheldon Cooper would approve of tonight’s homage to Apollo 13. We’re just sayin’

Yes, we realize we just asked you to give COMMUNITY a chance. That said, if you aren’t going to take our advice, the very least you could do while watching THE BIG BANG THEORY is help make it a trending topic. Evidently, executive producer Bill Prady promised fans via twitter last night that if you can help get #thebigbangtheory to trend, he’ll post cool backstage pics. Suffice to say, we’re a huge sucker for behind-the-scenes twitpics. Particularly if they involve @elizadushku (Who is currently on set filming an upcoming episode).

While it probably sounds somewhat counterintuitive for a self-proclaimed TV Addict to be celebrating the fact that the CW is airing repeats of both THE VAMPIRE DIARES and NIKITA tonight, our DVD/PVR, which as always, is virtually filled to the brim would suggest otherwise.

And not just because we have a major guest starring role cameo as an extra. Okay, maybe a little.

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  • Cfrass1137

    No Bones?! But Brennan is weilding a shotgun! 🙂

  • hilsto

    Bones is one of the few shows I watch where I don’t have to worry about the ratings results the next day. It’s probably the only show on my list like that. It’s the curse of liking good shows I’m afraid.

  • Ace

    Really wish I had a Nielson box so my live watching of Community made a difference. As much as I love Modern Family, Cougar Town and 30 Rock, Community is my favorite too.

  • amabel loza

    i love the community but i am forced to watch it the next day online because cbs does not offer full episodes of the big bang thoery. 🙁

  • Wonder why CW is showing repeats so early?

  • Rightisright

    I have never watched 30 Rock until last night, staying after my fave Community.
    What a mess. Jokey, nudge nudge look at us going live smarmy unfunny, clumsy, mess.