An In Depth Look At… ONE LIFE TO LIVE’s Most Explosive Week Ever!

To say that ONE LIFE TO LIVE’s Starr and Cole have had a rough go of it would be an understatement akin to “McDonald’s occasionally sells a hamburger.” And now, the pair face their greatest challenge ever as Eli’s wicked plots comes to a head. Before all is said and done, the fate of the couple will be decided as death claims the life of someone in Llanview!

“There’ve been a lot of fake deaths in Llanview over the past few months, saysSoaps In Depth executive editor Richard M. Simms. “Eli and Téa, for starters. But this time, it’s real: Somebody is going to die.” 

Certainly, there are no lack of potential casualties thanks to the fact that Dani, Téa, Starr and Hope are all being held hostage by Eli, whose plot is about to majorly derail. “There’s a bomb involved,” previews the editor. “And bombs on soaps are like secrets: Sooner or later, they explode. Every time.” 

Another popular pair — John and Natalie — will also be drawn into the deadly mess. “They’ve been closing in on the truth — that Téa is alive — for a while now. Unfortunately, their investigation is going to put them in the line of fire when things go south at the warehouse where the hostages are being held.”

With it being common knowledge that Brandon Buddy — the popular actor playing Cole — is about to exit the canvas, could this be his swan song? Simms plays coy. “What happens when the bomb goes off will change Cole and Starr’s lives forever.”

Elsewhere in the issue, Jessica Leccia (Inez, OLTL) talks about being caught “off-guard” by the popularity she found playing GUIDING LIGHT’s Natalia, one-half of daytime’s first lesbian supercouple. ALL MY CHILDREN’s Trent Garrett (Asher) reveals what it’s like to be the new kid on the block. And living legend Anthony Geary (Luke, GENERAL HOSPITAL) shares his thoughts regarding the state of daytime… and how to fix what’s wrong with it! 

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