You Take the Good, You Take the Bad, You Take Them Both and There You Have…

… Today’s news that has NBC awarding full-season pick-ups to THE EVENT, LAW & ORDER: LOS ANGELES and OUTSOURCED.

According to NBC Entertainment President Angela Bromstad, “We believe in these new series and the creative auspices behind them. We are pleased with the quality of THE EVENT, LAW & ORDER: LOS ANGELES and OUTSOURCED, and feel they are an important part of helping to re-build our schedule and our studio pipeline. ”

According to us, we’ll leave what pick-ups fall under the category of “good,” “not-so-good,” and “For the love of all things holy what on earth does this mean for PARKS AND RECREATION?!” for you to interpret in the comments below.

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  • Nick

    I’m certainly hoping that Amy Poehler’s pregnancy is the ONLY reason Parks & Rec is not on the air right now. Whether NBC is smart enough to realize it or not, it’s the heir-apparent great comedy which will, no doubt, still be going strong after 30 Rock and The Office have left the air (which I hope is no time soon, on both counts, BTW).

    Also, the whole premise of Outsourced is just hitting too close to home right now. America is disgusted with the real-life practice of losing our jobs to India, and it’s really hard to find humor in the situation. What’s next, an NBC comedy about mining disasters?

  • Charles Carmichael

    The Great – The Event!!!!! The best new show of the season by far!! It reminds me of 24 with a sci-fi twist! Jason Ritter FTW!!

    The Bad – Outsourced. I was hoping this would get canceled to make room for Parks & Rec

    The Hideously Ugly – Law and Order: LA. I hate this version of Law and Order along with the 57 million other varieties of it as well. Love Skeet Ulrich but I’ll stick to watching my Jericho DVDs to get my Skeet fix!!

  • Shilo

    I think NBC will do another comedy block. They have three new midseason shows + Parks, so they’ll find another slot (JMO, but Wednesdays at 8 would be likely, if they move/cancel Undercovers) to timeshare (one of their new ones has like 6 episodes). It wasn’t getting cancellation-worthy ratings last season (obviously) and I don’t see them looking for a reason to cancel it (they don’t want to piss off Amy Poehler + they have another award magnet comedy that fits their ~brand), especially since they have like two decently rated shows. If all that hot air I just posted doesn’t happen, they’ll probably take the Thursday comedy performing the worst (Community, more than likely), cut its episode order a little, and put Parks there. *continues rambling and littering your comment section*

    the only Outsourced fan in the world

  • Sourabh

    Exactly, what does a full season order for Outsourced mean for Parks and Rec?!

    And when does The Apprentice end? They wouldn’t happen to be planning for a 3 hour comedy block would they? I’m sure NBC likes Amy Poehler almost as much as Tina Fey, they won’t do anything to hurt Parks and Rec.

    Damn, looks like I’m rambling too.

    And @Shilo, don’t worry, I also watch Outsourced as an almost-fan. The paint joke sold me on it.

  • Ace

    It is definitely NOT Amy’s pregnancy. They continued shooting episodes at the end of last season so they would have plenty to air while she was on leave.

    Agree with you on Outsourced. It just seems in poor taste when unemployment is hovering around 9%…

  • kevin

    good news for the event. i haven’t watch law and order, and don’t plan to. and i agree with everyone’s comments about outsourced. i don’t really get offended by anything, but it seems awfully insensitive to have a show like that at this point in time. plus, it’s not funny. definitely nowhere near the other thursday night shows. if this in any way affects community or parks and recreation, i’m going to be so mad.

  • Sanen85

    I don’t give a crap what they do with the ridiculously unfunny Outsourced, as long as it doesn’t affect P&R (anymore than it already has), Community or The Office.