We Break Down Which Fan Favorite Deserves a TV Guide Magazine Cover

In a stroke of marketing genius, TV Guide Magazine is allowing fans to choose the cover of the December 13th issue for the first time in their 57-year history. And while we have been blogging just long enough to know there is absolutely no point in attempting to sway any fandom’s vote, we thought it might be fun to share with you our thought process when it comes to which show we’re voting for and why.

CASTLE: Bad News CASTLE fans, when it comes to voting for which fan favorite is in the most dire need of the free publicity that comes with a TV Guide Magazine cover, the show with the twenty million or so DANCING WITH THE STARS fans as a lead-in most certainly does not get our vote.

BONES: Along the same lines as CASTLE, and despite our affection for the cast and fellow Canadian showrunner Hart Hanson, we’re also finding it hard to vote for a show that already has a fantastic track record of passionate and loyal viewers. That said, if Hart Hanson would acquiesce to the headline accompanying the cover story to read a little something along the lines of, “BONES Exclusive! Booth and Brennan says Bye Bye to Hannah” we just might be willing to change our tune.

CHUCK: Working against this fan favorite is a case of bad timing. Suffice to say, we fail to see the need to support a show that is not only fresh off a full fourth season pick-up, but has a fifth season virtually guaranteed so that Producer Warner Bros. Television can bring the show’s total number of episodes to that magic syndication number of 100.

HOW I MET YOUR MOTHER: We’re not going to lie, had this poll come out last week, HOW I MET YOUR MOTHER would have most definitely gotten our vote in recognition of showrunners Carter Bays and Craig Thomas living up to their promise on delivering a far funnier sixth season. Unfortunately, Monday’s not-so-legendary introduction of Jennifer Morrison as the the latest candidate in Ted’s titular mother search gave credence to the theory that newer isn’t necessarily better.

SMALLVILLE: As much as we were thisclose to voting for SMALLVILLE in appreciation of the surprisingly super way in which showrunners Kelly Souders and Brian Peterson have brought us back to the bandwagon with their savvy handling of Lex’s absence coupled with the flurry of iconic new and returning characters that have popped up throughout the show’s 10th and final season, our vote in the end went to…

SUPERNATURAL: The little CW show that admirably continues to deliver fantastic episodes despite virtually zero marketing support from its Network.

Cast your vote for the December 13th Cover of TV Guide Magazine by clicking here.

  • mohammad

    it’s smallville for me… i like shows on this list a lot better but it’s the last season!

  • Anonymous

    Chuck! None of the shows actually need it for promotion, they’re all airing for the entire season. So if we skip ahead, HIMYM/Bones/Castle are all coming back next season too. Smallville is ending. Supernatural is a lock to come back if it wants. That leaves Chuck.

    Plus it’s the best show. 😉

  • Anonymous

    Community because it’s the best comedy on tv.

  • Supernatural since it would be their first. Smallville (together with a few other WB shows) was on the TV guide cover for Comic Con. Man, I was so mad that they didn’t have one for Supernatural when the tagline teased ‘Superman, Monsters etc.’

  • Definitely SPN! They’ve deserved a cover for awhile now, so it’s about time they got one. (And this shows fandom support too.)

  • Sourabh

    I voted Supernatural too, this close to voting for Castle, since it was Castle’s facebook page that lead me to the voting place. But Supernatural needs it more.

  • I want Chuck (I really want Legend of the Seeker, but my favorite show was cancelled)

  • Supernatural!!!

  • Mike

    What’s with the VERY old (odd) picture for Smallville? They have Lex, Lana, and both Kents. None of them are on the show anymore?!?!

  • Galie

    I think Supernatural has more support from the CW than Smallville. Besides Supernatural has 1 more year to have the covers they want, Smallville only has this yer left. My votes go with Smallville

  • lori

    SUPERNATURAL has my vote….

  • WOOHOOO!!! Supernatural!!! 😀

    Supernatural will always have my vote 🙂


  • Supernatural!! I’m non-stop voting! Once again, it’s up to the fans to promote this show!

  • Anonymous

    Absolutely! Any show with great viewing numbers does not need the publicity that a TV Guide cover would bring. That cuts out Castle, Bones, and HIMYM. Smallville is on its last season so it doesn’t need any promotion. Chuck and Supernatural need the most help, but Supernatural has my heart.

  • Anonymous

    Smallville has gotten far more publicity over the years at the CW than Supernatural. Plus Smallville was already on the cover for the Comic Con issue. The fact that Smallville is in its last season is precisely why they do not need the promotion, although it would make sense for TV Guide to talk about it when it ends.