Good News: The CW has given full-season orders to freshman dramas NIKITA and HELLCATS as well as veteran sudser ONE TREE HILL. Bad News: For LIFE UNEXPECTED, which was conspicuously absent from the network’s plethora of pick-ups despite a recent order for two additional scripts. [Source: Ausiello]

Good News: Syfy has given the greenlight to BATTLESTAR GALACTICA: BLOOD & CHROME, a 2-hour pilot that chronicles Young William Adama’s adventures in First Cylon War. Bad News: For CAPRICA, or at least that’s the rumor FOTVA [friend of the TV addict] @rural_juror is irresponsibly starting via twitter.

Good News: Contrary to reports, ABC has not axed THE WHOLE TRUTH. Bad News: Although the show will have only one more episode to prove itself before ABC benches it for November sweeps. [Source: EW]

  • Sourabh

    They should have waited a few years to even think about a Blood And Chrome. Maybe after a few seasons of Caprica.

  • Ugh! I really hope that the CW comes to its senses and decides to pick up LUX as well. I know it is not a ratings powerhouse, then again what show IS on the CW, but it is a genuinely good show. Wish more would tune in.

  • Nick

    Ironic that of the four shows mentioned, the ONLY one I care about is Life Unexpected.

  • Personally, I think CW is wise in not picking up LUX… that show got SO BORING this year. I gave up. Seriously, the storylines that that show proposes, it kinda limits them… you can only go so far w/ Kate and Baze and Ryan and them running in circles.. idk, just boring.