We have a bone to pick with Fox (Re: The BONES spin-off)

Earlier today Fox made headlines with the news that they’re developing a potential BONES spin-off based upon the popular Locator series of books. Unfortunately, we’re having trouble pinpointing just how we feel about this.

On the one hand, we have the utmost respect for BONES creator Hart Hanson who will be spearheading the project which is said to revolve around Walter Sherman (aka. The Locater), a twenty-to-thirty-something friend of Booth’s from Iraq who Deadline Hollywood characterizes as an “eccentric, obstreperous and amusing reclusive man with highly sought after abilities to find anything.” What’s more, we’re quite frankly relieved to discover that Fox is capable of greenlighting a spin-off that doesn’t come from the desk of Seth MacFarlane.

That said — putting aside for a moment that the last thing we feel the primetime television landscape needs is yet another procedural revolving around a brilliant albeit socially inept protagonist — we find ourselves slightly concerned about anything that takes Hanson’s attention away from the mother ship. Suffice to say, one needn’t look any further than what happened to HOW I MET YOUR MOTHER last season when co-creators Carter Bays and Craig Thomas’ attention was otherwise focused on their failed CBS pilot, how GREY’S ANATOMY suffered while Shonda Rhimes was busy getting PRIVATE PRACTICE off the ground, and the abomination that was the final season of SCRUBS minus Bill Lawrence who was busy working on COUGAR TOWN as evidence of the fact that successfully running a multi-million dollar primetime series is a full-time job.

Agree, disagree, post away in the comments below.

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  • Sourabh

    According to the article, they’ll consider creating the show based on the performance of the actor in the Bones episodes, to see if he can carry a show. So if the show is not created, wouldn’t it also say “This man cannot carry a show” about the actor?

  • asap

    Joss Whedon is the only man who is capable of heading more than one primetime series at a time.

  • N2Booth

    Joss Whedon’s series buffy suffered it’s 4th season when he was writing Angel, than Angels 4th season was the worst because he was writing Firefly, Bones is not ready to lose the master

  • So. Very. True!

  • Excellent! Great article, I already saved it to my favourite,