TV Ratings: Friday October 22, 2010

Source: MediaWeek, Ratings: in millions
Time Network Show Rating 18-49
8PM CBS Medium 6.52 1.4/55
ABC No Ordinary Family (R) 3.66 0.9/3
NBC School Pride 2.76 0.7/3
FOX House (R) 2.48 1.1/4
CW Smallville 2.48 1.0/4
9PM CBS CSI: NY 10.26 1.9/6
NBC Dateline 3.94 0.9/3
ABC What Would You Do? (R) 4.04 1.3/4
FOX The Good Guys 2.58 0.6/2
CW Supernatural 2.48 1.1/4
10PM CBS Blue Bloods 11,07 1.8/6
ABC 20/20 5.21 1.5/5
NBC Dateline 4.61 1.0/3

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  • The day is not far of when The CW will break into the top 4 permanently on at least one night.

  • I would love for that to happen. The CW is really an underdog network. And to think that most networks are at its weakest on Friday nights and the CW exploits it to their advantage.

  • Yeah, I kinda miss last season’s Vampire Diaries/Supernatural combination, that was a combination I’d like to have seen take on the big networks. This season, Smallville and Supernatural are both on their last seasons, so whatever progress they’ll make will be lost next season. While Vampire Diaries and Nikita are both good, Thursday is just too filled with great shows for them to make any decent headway.

  • I’m shocked FOX is still producing The Good Guys. I thought it was canceled until I found out a week ago that it wasn’t. I do love the show and hope it can get at least a full season. It’s just fun to watch and I really like Bradley Whitford in it, and I’ve never seen in him anything except the first Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants film.

    Never going to watch Blue Bloods, but I’m happy for Will Estes, still miss American Dreams.

  • Nick

    NO ONE has said this is Supernatural’s final season. There’s no way The CW will lose Smallville, One Tree Hill, probably LUX and Hellcats in one year…plus Supernatural. No freakin way.

    The Winchesters have many more stories to tell, and they’d do well to see how many other actors look for *years* for another series after their hit show ends. Milk it for all it’s worth.

  • I heard they gave both Hellcats and One Tree Hill full seasons so they must be doing something right. LUX doesn’t look so hot right not. Smallville is on its last. Supernatural’s season 5 was supposed to be its last but they renewed it for what I remembering people calling the final (sixth) season, but who knows, they might renew it again, and that’s great for us.

  • Nick

    Kripke had a 5-yr. run as exec producer, but now with Sera Gamble at the helm and the boys married and settled, I’d look for Supernatural to run indefinitely.