This Just In: One Showrunner’s [Not So] Shocking Admission!

Television showrunners have a way with words.

Ask them about an upcoming episode and they’ll more often than not call it a “game changer!” Express your disdain for a storyline that may-or-may-not have completely come out of left field and they’ll defend it as “organic.” Dare to point out that the network moving their show to Friday night spells doom and they’ll inexplicably see it as an “opportunity!” Seriously, a television showrunner can spin just about anything. Which is precisely why we wanted to take this opportunity to share a Hollywood rarity: A refreshingly honest admission that recently found its way into our inbox.

“Fitting for a series called HUMAN TARGET, we dodged a bullet when the network announced the show was relocating from Friday to Wednesday nights,” was how new HUMAN TARGET showrunner Matt Miller kicked off a letter to the media [via an email sent by FOX] in promoting the upcoming second season premiere of the show which is set to bow on Wednesday November 17 at 8PM on FOX.

Just a little something to keep in mind the next time a showrunner tries to convince you about just how “excited” they are about the move to Friday nights.

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