The TV Addict Litmus Test: Find out if NOW is the Time to Drop that New Fall Show!

As much as this self proclaimed TV Addict endeavours to watch as much television as possible, the reality is that there are only so many hours in the day one can physically plant themselves comfortably on a couch and revel in the beauty that is one’s 42″ illuminated flatscreen. No really, watching this much television — particularly when networks insist on scheduling everything on the same night — is a heck of a lot easier said than done. And just a small part of the reason why — as the television season heads into its second month — it has become increasingly clear that we need to drop a show (or four!) from our schedule.

But how does one decide what shows get the axe, especially when it comes to those new Fall shows you continue to watch (or record) out of habit (or guilt!)? Well, after much thought and thorough testing, we’ve concocted a surefire method! Find out for yourself after the jump.

Presenting: Litmus Test (Patent Pending!)

Step #1: In your mind, formulate the name of a show that you’re still watching, but have on more than one occasion asked yourself, “Why?”

Step #2: Got the show? Good. Now, ask yourself the following question: Off the top of your head, can you name two or more characters on the show? (Note: If the show is called NIKITA and/or MIKE & MOLLY you’re going to have to be able to name characters that aren’t in the title!)

The Result: Suffice to say, if you can’t muster more than a name or two of a character on a show that you’ve supposedly been “watching” for the better part of the past month, it’s time to let go!

Still not convinced? For argument sake, here are three shows that we’ve just recently removed from our “Season’s Pass” list”

HAWAII FIVE-0: Despite the beautiful eye candy that is the island we hope to soon be vacationing on and our affection for the cast as a whole — gun to our head — book us, because we can’t name anyone on the show outside of Danno!

THE WHOLE TRUTH: While the recent cancelation of show makes this somewhat of a moot point, unless the lead character’s names were actually Maura Tierney and Rob Morrow, all evidence points to the fact that the ABC legal procedural that followed COUGAR TOWN was guilty of being a snoozefest.

UNDERCOVERS: Putting aside the serious points the J.J. Abrams series gets for importing two of the sexiest things to come out of Britain Europe since Michelle Ryan and Jamie Bamber, when the most notable thing about the show four episodes in remains the welcome amount of cultural diversity the series brings to the the primetime television landscape, you know you’ve got problems.

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  • Reese

    Boris Kodjoe is from Germany. He’s not British.

  • Thanks for the heads up!

  • I stopped watching Undercovers too. Still enjoying Hawaii Five-0 though.

  • Shilo

    I did this with the new shows I’m still watching (Outsourced, No Ordinary Family, Boardwalk Empire, Nikita, Raising Hope, Terriers) and everything stuck. Awesome.

  • Nick

    Tried Hellcats and Nikita. Don’t need either one. It’s still a shame that a new genre/mythology show wasn’t picked up by CW. I would’ve been there weekly, just like for Vampire Diaries, Smallville and Supernatural.

    Other than that, I didn’t get involved/hooked on a single new show anywhere.

  • is anyone else thinking about quitting glee?

  • Ali

    The show I used was Undercovers and I’m definitely stopping. I also didn’t watch past the first episode of The Whole Truth. I’m still sticking with Hawaii Five-0 but probably not that much longer.

  • Anonymous

    I think I could drop every single new show of the season and be fine with it. I missed The Event last night and I didn’t even think about watching it today. It just didn’t pop into my head. I’m watching No Ordinary Family right now and I’m finding myself drifting off into surfing online in the middle of it.

    Better With You is the one new show I am enjoying, and even then it can’t past the character name test! I know the two guys, Ben and Casey, but I can’t think of the girls or parents.

  • kevin

    the only new shows i’ve gotten into this year are the event, raising hope and running wilde. although, i can’t name any of the characters on the event, and i’m like 2 weeks behind. and i don’t think i can name any of the characters on raising hope either.

  • ivetka

    Lol the show i picked was Hawaii 5-0 and cant name one character… funny that you dropped it as well, i give up on that :/ Also gave up on CSI Miami (not because of this) the characters just became unbearable to watch.
    Raising Hope and Outsourced are the only ones im watchin (that started this fall)

  • Anonymous

    Yes!!! Actually, I’ve been thinking about dropping Glee since the 2nd half of season 1. And, in fact, just last night I made my decision. I am dropping it. The season pass is now deleted from my DVR. If you’re considering it too, good for you. Don’t give into hype. It’s not for everyone, and it’s okay to not like it.

  • Anonymous

    As I mentioned in my reply to Amelia, I officially dropped Glee last night. Season pass gone. The show has potential & rare moments of greatness, but there’s too much crap in between. More flaws than strengths.

    As for new shows, I’m starting to think about recording but not watching and then later mainlining one or more of the following: The Event, No Ordinary Family, and Undercovers.

    They all have potential, and it’s reassuring that two of them have full season pickups, which is why I don’t want to give up completely. But, they’re also just boring enough that I wouldn’t mind getting 1 to 3 hours of productivity back per week.

    I’ve already done this with Haven on Syfy, almost by accident. I’ve saved up seven episodes that I never got around to watching, and since I hear on one podcast that it might have improved (and, if I remember correctly, that it’s already renewed for season 2), I’m hesitant to delete it and may get around to watching them eventually. Caprica and Sanctuary need to improve soon too, or they may get treated this way as well.

  • I think about it every time I watch it. I don’t even watch it for Jane Lynch. Sacrilege I know. The only characters I like are Brittany and Santana. And Puck.

  • Anonymous

    I’ve been considering dropping Glee since the end of last season. I’m not sure why I haven’t, actually. I guess I am curious about how they handle the storyline with Kurt getting a boyfriend, but almost every week I wonder why I’m still watching. The show is just not that good. It’s easily the most overrated on television.

  • Ace

    Agree with everything you said. I’m still watching The Event and No Ordinary Family, but don’t love either. I do enjoy Better With You, but, as much as I love Joanna Garcia, the scenes between the boys and the parents are always the best.

  • Anonymous

    I’m with you Sourabh. Jane Lynch may be a great actress, but the character of Sue Sylvester is very over-rated.

    It’s never made sense why an award-winning cheerleading coach would take the time to be so extremely obsessed with a Glee Club full of misfits. Doesn’t she actually have a team to coach? Don’t most coaches teach at least a couple P.E. or health classes during the day? How & why would any coach be able to get and retain any control over glee song choice when she’s not even involved in the club. Yes, I know there was a whole season 1 episode to explain this, and it was nonsense even then.

    I also think they made a mistake over-using the character and making her so evil. I think she would have worked much better as a recurring character who’s just more outspoken & abrasive than downright antagonistic.

    This is going to be a weird analogy, but I actually thought of Q from Star Trek: The Next Generation. That show only used that “villain” once or twice per season, and there was always excitement during the previews when you knew that next week was going to be a Q episode. Sue could have been Glee’s Q. She could have come around 1 to 3 times per season to cause a little havoc but go back to her own little world in between, and it would have made those few Sue sightings more special. Instead, she’s overused in an illogical fashion. If I remember correctly, the best episode of season 2, the duets episode, didn’t have Sue in it at all.