Why Mark Salling and the Cast of GLEE Should Be Afraid, Very Afraid


Last night’s episode of GLEE had us thinking back to our summers spent working at camp. Rest assured, we are not about to recount the tale of which role in our camp production of The Rocky Horror Picture Show won us a “Tsimmie” (Our camp’s Tony Award Equivalent), particularly since we were more of a behind-the-scenes-type-of-guy as a result of some fairly harsh criticism handed down from a drunken friend (Another story for another time!) But rather, the reason for this trip down memory lane is to drudge up an expression an old camp director of ours liked to toss around from time to time. That expression, “Everybody’s replaceable,” and none more so than the cast of GLEE.

Take Mark Salling for example. You may-or-may-not have noticed — for reasons that FOX has yet to officially confirm or deny — that the actor has been conspicuously absent from GLEE’s past two episodes. Now, why this should be of concern to the current McKinley High student body, well, that’s simple. Combine an increasingly overpopulated Glee Club with the show’s penchant for erratic storytelling coupled with musical numbers that more-often-than-not completely overshadow even the slightest hint of character development and what you’re left with are a slew of interchangeable characters that are little more than cardboard cutouts inadvertently giving credence to Sue Sylvester’s offensive labels from last season such as, “Wheels, Gay Kid, Asian, Other Asian, Aretha.” So much so that if GLEE’s second season has illustrated anything, it’s that for every Mark Salling, there’s an “ab-ulous” Chord Overstreet waiting in the wings.

Just a little something Salling, the cast of GLEE and more importantly, their demanding agents might want to keep in mind the next time an offer for a solo album comes along, or its time to renegotiate those contracts. We’re just sayin’

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  • Nick

    Loved the episode. Don’t get to watch Glee very often, but when CW went with repeats again…(Click!). Chord’s abs are quite impressive, as was the transvestie girl’s song performance. Very entertaining ep…probably would’ve been better if I’d ever seen Rocky Horror.

  • I have noticed Mark Salling was gone. I absolutely love Puck and can not wait for him to be back with the next original episode.

  • Sanen85

    I’m already considering dropping this from my DVR, and will be that much more likely to do so if Puck is gone.

  • Ggny

    im sorry but Chord is horrible…Him and Finn yesterday talking in the gym was just hard to watch if it was Finn/Puck/Artie i think it would have been 100x better

    There is just something about him but i dont like him at all…there is no way he could take Puck’s place

  • Popninjas

    Bah, Chord replacing Puck would be that whole Coy & Vance replacing Bo & Luke all over again.

  • Anonymous

    “penchant for erratic storytelling…musical numbers that …overshadow even the slightest hint of character development…slew of interchangeable characters that are…cardboard cutouts…”

    Very well said. It’s nice to have one blog that can see through the hype & popularity of the show and recognize the flaws that make the show so over-rated. I dropped Glee’s season pass from my DVR this week.

    A small part of me will me miss the rare moments of charm, humor, or triumph that made the show occasional brilliant. But, most of me won’t miss all the crap in between you have to sit through to get those rare moments.

  • Brian

    Sam has nice abs , but I’ve found him to be boring. His tepid romance with Quinn has been completely dull. He might’ve been more interesting if he’d been a love intrest for Kurt.
    Puck is a really entertaining character and this Gleek has missed him on the show.

  • shanna

    I’m with you on that (though I’m still watching) but I didn’t like the Rocky Horror Glee show nearly as much as I thought I would and that’s mostly because of the fact that whenever they do theme episode they create ridiculous plots to shoehorn them in. Schu is wildly inappropriate with his students and the crazy play casting was ridiculous.

    Love the songs but the moments of charm and humor and moments of intimacy are being lost in them.