Behind-the-Scenes of FRINGE: Jasika Nicole Talks Alternate Astrid

In a perfect world, or alternate universe if you will, where we (yes we!) controlled what comes across the airwaves, tonight’s primetime schedule would most certainly include brand new episodes of BONES, FRINGE — and while we’re spitballing ideas here — PARKS AND RECREATION. Unfortunately, as evidence by the fact that LONE STAR is no longer on the air, PARKS AND RECREATION’s return date remains “T.B.D,” and Entertainment Weekly has yet to pick up the phone and offer us Michael Ausiello’s job, perfect world it is not. What’s more, as a result of some baseball match that nobody on the East Coast actually cares about, all we can offer you, in lieu of new episodes, is a little something to tide you over in the form of this exclusive behind-the-scenes clip that has FRINGE star Jasika Nicole dissecting Alternate Astrid. Enjoy, and don’t forget, FRINGE and BONES return with brand new episode starting November 4 on FOX.

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