Say What? Our TV Quote of the Day!

“It is frustrating sometimes, on cable, we would’ve been able to have the guys on LONE STAR take off their clothes, the show would’ve pulled 1.3 million viewers and we would’ve declared it a hit because that’s what MAD MEN draws. We would’ve collected a few trophies too, and no one would’ve questioned it.” was FOX Entertainment President Kevin Reilly’s all to accurate response when asked about the challenges of doing a series for broadcast vs. cable at a recent the recent Hollywood Radio and TV Society’s Network Chiefs luncheon in Hollywood.

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  • Charles Carmichael

    Couldn’t agree more!!

  • Anonymous

    Well then why didn’t they move it to FX!? Seems like that would have been a logical option…

  • shanna

    Yeah it seems like a shitty comment to make after only letting the show live for 2 episodes. There were options here.

  • Ace

    I still really don’t understand why the show was put on Fox to begin with. It was obvious to EVERYONE that it was a cable show. It would have been fine on FX.

  • Agreed… EVERYONE was saying that it was a Cable show… why cancel it instead of moving it to where it really belonged???