November Sweeps 2010: Download and Print Your Calendar Here!

While the weather outside may be slowly turning frightful, TV in November remains, well, delightful. Particularly since November brings with it that critical ratings time period affectionally referred to as “sweeps,” where networks throw everything but the kitchen sink at viewers in an effort to attract the most number of eyeballs. And here, as always, to help you keep track of the countless guest stars, premieres and specials is your very own TV Addict, with out our printable and downloadable guide to November Sweeps 2010. Available at the following links as both a High Quality PDF or JPG.

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  • Anonymous

    November 15 is going to be amazing. Summer Glau on Chuck and the return of Robin Sparkles to HIMYM? YES!

  • Okay Wait… I am confused…

    My TV Guide at home says there is no Bones or Fringe this week, Nov. 4th, but this is saying that Fringe has a special guest star. So confused, HELP!

  • shanna

    Fringe will come on if baseball ends. Currently it’s 3-1 Giants. If the Giants win tonight, the series is over. If not, there could be games until Thursday.