Today’s TV Addict Top 5: Shows We’ve Re-Fallen in Love With

From ridiculous season finales that featured 12 minute music montages leaving virtually every single character’s life hanging in the balance, to our intense dislike of Lana Lang, the past few seasons of SMALLVILLE have been anything but super. Luckily for the CW — our kryptonite is the likes of special guest stars Laura Vandervoort and Keri Lynn Pratt. Both of whom brought us back into the fold this season, where we not only can’t help but be impressed by the epic fashion the show has handled Lex Luthor’s absence, but the even cooler way in which every episode of the season thus far has inexplicably ended with an iconic nod to the Superman mythos.

What’s the only thing more unexpected than Annie getting off with a glorified slap-on-the-wrist and a month or two of house arrest for a hit and run in which she killed a man, ran away from the scene of the crime and covered it up for the better part of a year? How about the fact that the CW’s poorly conceived 90210 reboot has not just gotten good, it has gotten really good. And while we’re hesitant to say that the third year series has reached the heights of its predecessor just yet (Again, are we the only ones completely confounded as to when Liam got a stalker?) the show has completely turned a corner this season by mastering what made the original series so addictive. Mixing the fun (as in Monday’s surprisingly smart “Undies-achiever” party) with the not-so-fun (like Naomi’s rape and Teddy’s coming out, both of which have been handled remarkably well thus far.)

Now here’s a phrase we never thought we’d say, a crazed gunman shooting up a hospital may have been the best thing to happen to Seattle Grace since Katherine Heigl’s exit. Seriously, talk about your wake up call. Characters seem more interesting, and stakes more dire, to the point that we’re just about willing to forgive Shonda Rhimes for “Ghost Denny.”

Never send a woman to do a man’s job. Or at least that’s what we’ve come to conclude when it comes to this resurgent season of DESPERATE HOUSEWIVES. No really, think about it. After six seasons of failing to introduce a mystery anywhere near as compelling as the original one surrounding Mary Alice Young’s murder, creator Marc Cherry finally did. And all it took — with apologies to Alfre Woodard, Dana Delany and Drea De Matteo — was a little testosterone in the form of the unexpected return of uber-creepy Paul Young, who is back and better than ever. And by “better than ever,” we of course mean up to no good and loads of fun to watch.

Our feelings on this fantastic fifth season of BROTHERS & SISTERS can be summed up in two simple words: Team Scotty!

  • Ali

    I agree on every show, excluding Smallville, which I’ll probably never watch because it’s on it’s billionth season. I almost gave up on 90210 this season, but I’m glad I didn’t. Grey’s Anatomy is really good this season, and I love that they didn’t use the shooting as a stunt, but is using it to further storylines. I still watch DH and B&S every week and I’m glad Paul is back.

  • Anonymous

    Completely agree on the 90210 and Greys part, I’m saving Dh and Smallville for midseasonbreak but this sounds both good and accurate. It almost makes me want to watch B&S again…almost.

  • Definitely team Scotty! Great list.

  • Anonymous

    Totally agree on Brothers & Sisters! I quit watching the show like a year and a half ago and picked it back up at the end of last season. I am really enjoying it now.

    Grey’s is pretty good, although the Cristina storyline is starting to get tiring. I understand they want the effects of the shooting to last, but it’s getting to be too much.

  • Ggny

    got to agree on Smallville it has just been amazing this season and the CW should be begging Tom Welling to come back for another season

  • I agree on 90210, Desperate Housewives and Grey’s Anatomy, have yet to see Smallville, but have it on my DVR. I would also add Gossip Girl as the Juliet character has really revitalized the show! Gone is episodes about the drama club, threesomes and SlutSerena (okay, maybe not), and back are intriguing mysteries, unholy alligiances and better use of Kristen Bell’s sexy voiceover. Bro’s & Hoes is a show I used to love, but this season has really missed the mark on what the time-jump was supposed to do for the show. I hate Luc! Sarah and Kitty have devolved from strong, independent women to silly teenage girls. I have still a couple episodes more to go on my DVR, but the show has so far not made a very compelling case for its continuing existence on my DVR. The show has just become boring and melodramatic, where’s the fun? Less whine, more wine please!

  • Nick

    RE: “…excluding Smallville, which I’ll probably never watch because it’s on it’s billionth season.”

    Really? That’s your reason? Can’t argue with….irrationality.

    90210 is 100% must-see TV now. Finally.

  • Team Scotty!!

  • Couldn’t agree more about Grey’s! It has stepped up it’s game this season, and I am loving it!!

  • laura bought liam at the bachelors auction the week before last.

  • I’m actually not feeling Brothers and Sisters anymore, and want this to be the final season. The characters just really bore me lately. Kitty already having man drama now that Robert is gone is stupid. I understand the time jump, but the story line just didn’t work that well and Calista deserves better. Sarah & Luc are cheesy, and don’t like them together.

    Kevin and Scotty are the one couple I enjoy on this show, and now they’ve gone and made Scotty a cheater since the network found him “boring”. Nora is still Nora, and Justin is still whiny as soon as things get hard I bolt Justin.

  • Sanen85

    I agree on everything but Smallville. Also, there was a season where the “mystery” was filled with testosterone (I guess) in the form of beigey (Edie’s husband).

  • Nick

    For once, the network had a clue: Scotty WAS boring.

  • AHA

    Smallville is the only one out of those shows that I’m still watching. (Really, Tom Welling is too cute to give up and I like Lois)
    I gave up Desperate Housewives since I always fell asleep watching it, Grey’s Anatomy since it felt too stupid, 90210 because it was too juvenile for my taste and Brothers and Sisters mostly because I didn’t have time for it.
    It’s an interesting list – perhaps I’ll give GA and BaS another chance!

  • 90210 is the one I quit on last season, never expecting to watch again. Now this.

  • Ali

    I just meant that I would watch it but I would watch it from the beginning I don’t exactly have time to watch something that has been on for so long.

  • Ali

    I just meant that I would watch it but I would watch it from the beginning I don’t exactly have time to watch something that has been on for so long.

  • i hardly ever quit on shows but i’m thinking about quitting glee.

  • I agree about DH and 90210 and earlier poster about Gossip Girl.