A CONANcopia of Links

In celebration of tonight’s highly anticipated return of Conan O’Brien to our living room, we thought we’d take this opportunity to put down The War For Late Night — Bill Carter’s phenomenal account of the Late Night Wars 2.0 — by offering up a collection of must read links. See for yourself after the jump, and feel free to add any we may have missed in the comments below.

7 Things You Didn’t Know About ‘Conan’
A List of Dos and Dont’s for Conan’s New Show
Conan O’Brien prepares to launch version 3.0 of his talk show
Why Conan will have NBC seeing red
How excited should we be for Conan O’Brien’s TBS show?
Secrets of the Late Night War
The Unsocial Network
American Express hires Conan O’Brien as pitchman
High Hopes for Conan O’Brien’s Debut
Conan O’Brien’s Mystery First Guest — Revealed!
Throw Your Own CONAN Premiere Party!
Conan’s Real Late-Night Foe Isn’t Jay or Dave — It’s Jon Stewart
A new Top Ten list for Conan
Conan O’Brien’s Return to Late Night Gets Taiwanese Cartoon Tribute
Conan O’Brien gives you five reasons to watch his new show: ‘Reuniting Led Zeppelin is a goal of mine’
It’s C-Day: Will Team Coco Come Home? Will the Beard Stay
The 11 Best Pieces of Conan Fan Art
Play Conan-Premiere Bingo!

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