Exclusive: Hart Hanson Reveals the Reason Behind the BONES Spin-off Delay

Hot on the heels of Michael Ausiello’s exclusive news that shooting on the BONES spinoff — which was rumored to commence in late November — has been pushed to sometime in 2011, comes our exclusive news as to why.

Turns out, in a coincidence of epic proportions, we just so happened to be attending an evening with Hart Hanson hosted by the Canadian Film Centre tonight where we took it upon ourselves to sneak a moment with the BONES creator following the event to ask for a comment. So just what is the reason behind the unexpected delay? Unfortunately the truth is not nearly as scintillating as one would have hoped.

“The original idea was to start shooting on November 23, before we went off for Christmas. But to do that we would have to start prepping tomorrow and we have yet to find the right actor. We have a few people in mind, but it’s not going to happen in the next two weeks. ” explained Hart Hanson. “Actually, the whole idea of it being on November 23 was floated as a production idea, I didn’t think it was ever going to happen and then somehow it got out that it was. So the studio is actually saying, ‘No, no let’s do it later in the season.’ Which is great, just perfect, but there’s nothing interesting to report.”

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