Today’s TV Addict Top 5: Shows Vastly Improved By Recent Cast Additions

Although much of the pre-season hype centered around Vanessa Williams’ Renee, the real stars have proven to be Brian Austin Green as Bree’s much-younger beau and Emily Bergl as Paul’s secret-keeping wife, Beth. 

Katie Cassidy’s Juliet not only spiced storylines up a bit, but finally provided eternally storyless Nate and his hunky portrayer, Chace Crawford a story. At long last, there’s something other than the always-entertaining Chuck and Blair to keep us tuning in. 

Olivia Munn hasn’t yet fully fleshed-out her persona, but it’s nice to see a woman other than Samantha Bee — whom we love (please don’t hurt us, Samantha!) — getting a chance to strut herself. 

The Ford family’s attempt to take over the show has ticked off a lot of fans, but Kim Zimmer — famous for her stint as GUIDING LIGHT’s Reva, now Llanview’s Echo — has helped put more beloved characters like Clint, Viki and Charlie back on the front burner where they belong. 

While this show has become one of the most uneven on television, the addition of Dot Jones as butch female football coach Beiste (“It’s French!”) and Chord Overstreet as the ab-tastic Sam at least gave Ryan Murphy and company interesting new characters to write bland or brilliant, depending on the episode, material for.

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  • I agree on DH and Gossip Girl as they are the only two shows on the list that i watch. I love Renee and Juliet, Gossip Girl is amazing this season!

  • Couldn’t agree more on the uneven nature of Glee, but I still love the show nonetheless.

  • Nick

    Am I just watching Gossip Girl with one eye, or am really dense, or is everyone else still confused about who wants Serena taken down (and why)??

    — Confused