We Preview HUMAN TARGET Season 2 with Star Mark Valley


On an uncharacteristically sunny afternoon in Vancouver British Columbia, a man is found bleeding profusely from his right arm. And while normally this would be a cause for concern, there is nothing normal about this beautiful August day. Oh, and did we mention that the man bleeding is none other than Mark Valley?

“[Guest Star] Molly Parker just found out that I killed her husband and she wasn’t very happy about it,” explained the affable actor, while taking a break on location from shooting HUMAN TARGET’s second episode of the season. “I’m pretty sure she was trying to kill me, but she just winged me.”

Luckily for Valley, not to mention the 8 million or so loyal viewers that helped turn HUMAN TARGET into one of the surprise hits of last season — the actor, alongside co-stars Chi McBride and Jackie Earle Haley — know a thing or two about dodging bullets and defying odds. After-all, saving the lives of the rich and powerful on a weekly basis is nothing when compared to the often perilous and cutthroat world of Network television which saw a second season renewal for HUMAN TARGET contingent on a few strings attached in the form of a new showrunner (Matt Miller) and a few fresh faces (ROME’s Indira Varma and ENTOURAGE’s Janet Montgomery). So just what does Valley think of all the changes?

“They’ve changed some things around, but the essence of the show is still together. It’s really not veering off in any different direction, it’s still the same show, same people and same team,” explained Valley optimistically. “We have a couple of new characters who are going to make things interesting, but I’m pretty happy and from what we’ve been shooting thus far, it’s been a lot of fun.”

In other words, Valley has absolutely no issue with the surprise reversal of HUMAN TARGET’s “No Girls Allowed” policy that permeated throughout the show’s first season.

“Like Chi [McBride] says, we can’t wait to have a woman show up to tell us what to do! The three of us are really kind of looking forward to that. I think whenever you bring anyone into a cast it sort of changes the mix up a little bit, another ingredient to the soup in a way,” countered Valley “But the way I see it, it’s going to be kind of interesting to see the attitudes that everyone has of training someone new, or training someone who has promise in our line of work. Plus, I think it’s going to bring up character’s authority issues from having a boss.”

Which brings us to the slightly awkward albeit painfully obvious question that seems to pop up anytime two good looking people face-off on the small screen. Where does he stand on the obligatory will-they-or-won’t-they debate that will undoubtedly spring up online the moment Valley’s Christopher Chance sets his sights on new boss Ilsa Pucci (Varma)?

“Chemistry is as chemistry does so I think it’s going to depend on where our writers want to take it and what they see happening and where they see some potential,” admitted Valley. “I just really want to make a good TV show and if they decide that that’s something that’s going to enhance the story or teach us more about Chance or the other characters, I’m all for it.”

Until then, fans should pretty much expect what they’ve come to know and love from the series thus far: A whole lot of action and stunts galore. Something that suits Valley just fine.

“To be honest with you, I want to do as much as possible. In fact, we haven’t really done enough parachuting I don’t think, free falling would be kind of fun, and I’d like to see him fly and airplane, perhaps a helicopter. Oh, and I’d like to become a better motorcyclist and if the show can help me reach that goal so be it!”

HUMAN TARGET premieres on Wednesday November 17 at 8PM on FOX (November 21 on CTV in Canada)

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  • I’m still not certain I like all these women invading this show & taking screen time away from those handsome men. Guess I’ll withold judgement til we get a few eppys into it.

  • Well, the new gals are played by awesome looking women, so, easy on the peepers for sure…but, yes, time will tell if it’s not a good thing, as in it jumped the shark or whatever such as that. I like to think Valley is correct in that it’ll only plus things. As long as the writers keep the stuff IN it, like, you know, those brutal moments…