Acting 101: What Michael Rosenbaum Can Learn From Teri Hatcher’s Return to SMALLVILLE

As anyone who watched THE NEW ADVENTURES OF LOIS & CLARK can attest to, Superman is slightly less so without Lois Lane. So it seems only fitting that the woman who brought her to life on that show, Teri Hatcher, swings by SMALLVILLE tonight.

Also fitting, the fact that Teri Hatcher seems to get it. Or at least that was our reaction following her recent interview with in which she explains the impetus for agreeing to a cameo that has her swooping in via video tape (remember those?) to play Lois’ (Erica Durance) mom.

“It is a very small cameo that I did as a gesture of respect to honor all the devoted Superman saga fans who’ve supported me then as Lois and support me now as [DESPERATE HOUSEWIVES’] Susan.”

Now we know what you’re thinking, “Seriously TV Addict, You’re actually applauding an actress for taking a few hours out of her day to shoot what probably amounts to a three minute cameo for which she was no doubt handsomely compensated for?”

Indeed we are. Because far too often throughout our TV watching career (Yes, we just called it career. Yes we have issues) we’ve watched countless actors not even bother. From the days of DALLAS that saw Victoria Principal decline to return, to Jason Priestley and Shannen Doherty’s conspicuous absence from the original BEVERLY HILLS 90210 series finale (Yup, still bitter), television stars have a nasty habit of forgetting the roles that made them household names, and more importantly, the fans that got them to where they are today.

Evidently, Hatcher has not. Which in this era of “Me! Me! Me!” actors and actresses (cough*Katherine*cough*Heigl*cough) is well, nothing but super.

Here’s hoping Michael Rosenbaum is taking notes.

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  • I think I read somewhere that Victoria Principal would have returned for the final DALLAS if she had known it was indeed the end, but they wouldn’t tell her that definitively. Which is too bad… that final episode “alternate universe” would have been so much better with Pam there. I keep holding out hope for Michael to come back … I’d be a bit unsatisfied if it ends without him returning.

  • Something I’ve actually been pondering quote a lot lately is what would be worse: If Michael Rosenbaum doesn’t agree to return, or if he did and somebody spoiled it!?