• History repeats itself, as FOX benches RUNNING WILDE for the duration of sweeps.
• Where art thou PARKS AND RECREATION? Show Boss talks delayed return and when to expect season three
• What killed CAPRICA? io9 pontificates.
• Fodder for discussion, why AMC should have let RUBICON live.
• Woo-Hoo! Fox renews THE SIMPSONS for a 23rd season.
• Because there is no such thing as too much of a good thing, fans will be happy to learn ABC has given CASTLE the greenlight for two additional episodes bringing the total season order to 24.

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  • Ace

    I’m really sad about Rubicon. I know a lot of people gave up after the first few episodes, but it was a great show. And it sounded from interviews that the creators knew what worked with the show and intended to head that direction in season two. It will definitely be missed. And I fear that Terriers is going to be right behind it.

  • Anonymous

    I don’t agree with the author of the io9 article about Caprica. She seemed to imply that it was the alien culture portrayed in the show that turned people off. That was actually the part that intrigued me the most, the way Caprica was kind of like Earth but not exactly.

    Plain and simple there were three main reasons it failed, and after reading some of the comments at io9, it sounds like many agree:

    (1) No heroes. All the characters were too dark, damaged, or dull. Everyone was a gangster, corrupt business mogul, cult leader, or angsty teenager. There was no one to truly like or emotionally invest in. Every story should have at least one unmistakeable protagonist. Caprica didn’t.

    (2) It wasn’t a sci-fi show with some drama. It was a drama with a little sci-fi. For the record, this did not bother me at all, but I heard the complaint a lot on sci-fi related podcasts, so it bothered others.

    (3) Syfy. It’s risky enough putting a show on Friday nights, but for some reason, it works (modestly) for sci-fi shows. They shouldn’t have moved it to Tuesdays (a highly competitive night), and when they saw the show having trouble, they should have experimented with pulling it back to Friday. Also, I kind of like the network splitting the 20-episode shows into two 10-episode blocks (or in Caprica’s case, two blocks of 9), but the hiatus between the two blocks is sometimes too long, and it was way too long with Caprica. It was so long, many people have mistaken the recent episodes as season 2. Actually, they were the 2nd half of season 1. Your hiatus should never be so long that people make that mistake.