Your Ultimate Guide to the Best of the Web: Thrillers

With LOST and 24 over, viewers (and networks) are searching for the next big thriller series. But if you’re looking for mind-blowing twists and cliffhangers that leave you at the edge of your seat, you might want to consider turning off your television and turning on your computer. The Internet is full of great thriller web series.??

URBAN WOLF may sound like another werewolf story, but instead this series takes the concept of a wolf as a predator, and transports it to an urban setting. The wolf in this case is not an animal, but security cameras stalking an American tourist visiting Paris. The cameras motives are unknown, and their methods are truly creepy. URBAN WOLF will have you flinching the next time you pass a security camera.??

A master puzzle maker dies, apparently in a car accident, but a few days later his son David receives a mysterious package that was sent to before the accident. Deciding his father was murdered, David must follow a series of clues to discover the truth. Season one is finished, but the producer has hinted at a possible season 2.?

A four-part web series based on the character Odd Thomas from Dean Koontz’s novels, this short series follows Odd Thomas as he meets someone who shares his unique ability to communicate with the dead. Odd Thomas begins to fear for his own sanity as he discovers the extent of his new acquaintance’s madness.??

Nomad is a paranoid hacker trying to locate his missing father. His friend sends him a secret government file, but neither of them realize the importance of their find until a mysterious agent starts tracking them. Fans of RUBICON will love the conspiracy theory mysteries this series presents. The production values aren’t as high in HARD DRIVE 13 as they are in many professionally produced web series, but that does give it a raw, realistic feel that adds to the tension.

Zoë Bell and Lucy Lawless star in this action thriller directed by comic book artist Ed Brubaker. Bell plays an assassin who is stabbed in the head, and as a result begins to hallucinate about her past victims. Driven by guilt, she hunts down her former employers and kills them one by one. ??

In this animated adaption of horror master Stephen King’s novella “N”,  a psychiatrist treats a delusional patient, referred to only as “N”. “N” is convinced that a nearby circle of stones leads to another dimension where a terrifying creature is trying to escape. The psychiatrist begins to doubt N’s sanity after visiting the stones himself, which leads to an incredible series of events.??

In this science fiction thrilled, Lieutenant Andrews must survive behind enemy lands when he is left behind by his crew. Now he must work together with the enemy to get home. But this planet is full of surprises that makes mere survival more difficult than it seems.

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  • Looks like N is an older series and is no longer available.The link to watch episodes on the web site for Stephen King’s ‘N’ just redirects to the ‘The Simon & Schuster Speakers Bureau’ page.Watching individual episodes via Clicker doesn’t work either. Their links just lead to error pages.