Gemini Gems: GLEE star Cory Monteith Teases the Future of Rachel and Finn

On Saturday November 13, Canada celebrated some of the best and brightest we have to offer the world of television at the 25th Annual Gemini Awards (Think: Canada’s Emmy equivalent). Hosted by GLEE’s Cory Monteith, we are not exaggerating when we say everybody who is anybody in the world of Canadian TV was there. Including,’s very own Melissa Girimonte (@thetelevixen on twitter) who, planted firmly on the red carpet had the enviable “job” of interviewing the likes of Nina Dobrev, Grace Park, the cast of ROOKIE BLUE, and more. Interviews we’ll be sharing all week in a series we’ve cleverly coined Gemini Gems.

With the focus of tonight being a celebration of Canadian televsion, we have to first ask, do you have an all-time favorite Canadian TV Show?
Cory Monteith: Of all time? Can it be DEGRASSI? I grew up watching shows like MR. DRESS UP, FRIENDLY GIANT and stuff like that, but DEGRASSI is such a classic.

What’s on your iPod?
I still listen to a lot of Radiohead. I actually got the Barenaked Ladies two-disc “All in Good Time,” a fan just gave me that and that’s what I’m currently listening to.

And finally, since the fans would lynch us if we didn’t ask one GLEE-related question, as much we’re loving the new character additions on the show this season, one of the drawbacks is a lack of screen time for our favorite relationship, that of Rachel and Finn! Should fans expect a change in what has thus far been an uncharacteristically happy couple as of late?
They should! Some of the tension that has been really strung out over the course of two seasons really comes to a head in the middle part of the season when we start to see other characters kind of enter that storyline.

[Photo Credit: George Pimental/ACCT]

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