Gemini Gems: THE VAMPIRE DIARIES Star Nina Dobrev Talks Doppelganger Duty

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On Saturday November 13, Canada celebrated some of the best and brightest we have to offer the world of television at the 25th Annual Gemini Awards (Think: Canada’s Emmy equivalent). Hosted by GLEE’s Cory Monteith, we are not exaggerating when we say everybody who is anybody in the world of Canadian TV was there. Including,’s very own Melissa Girimonte (@thetelevixen on twitter) who, planted firmly on the red carpet had the enviable “job” of interviewing the likes of Nina Dobrev, Grace Park, the cast of ROOKIE BLUE, and more. Interviews we’ll be sharing all week in a series we’ve cleverly coined Gemini Gems.

If you’ll forgive me for unleashing my inner fangirl for a moment, you are totally rocking it as Katherine and Elena this year, to the point where we have to constantly remind ourselves that you’re one person!
Nina Dobrev: That’s the goal, that’s what we want to achieve. They are two really different people so I have to work really hard to make sure they have different walks, they talk differently, the mannerisms… they just have different minds, they grew up in different eras, different genres, in different times so it’s like a whole other beast.

How much more of a challenge has shooting this season been?
It has been a challenge, but it’s been a welcome one. It’s longer hours because I’m in every single scene and it’s not sleeping because we work at night a lot of the time. I have my work cut out for me but I’m very excited and willing to do it.

Well, it’s certainly nice of you to escape to Canada to help celebrate 30 years of DEGRASSI.
It just meant a lot of me to be here and to honor this show [DEGRASSI], which is my family, so I begged the producers to let me travel. That, and it’s a weekend, which is a plus because we don’t work on weekends!

[Photo Credit: George Pimental/ACCT]

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