THE BIG BANG THEORY Adds to Cast, We Do the Math!

Are two Sheldons better than one? Fresh off Michael Ausiello’s news that the hit CBS sitcom has promoted Sheldon’s quasi-girlffriend Mayim Bialik to series regular status, the brains behind THE BIG BANG THEORY certainly think so.

As for us, well, we have a different theory entirely. One that started out with us asking ourselves whether or not double the Sheldon equates to double the fun[ny] while wondering aloud if the show risks alienating their audience by overloading on too much of a good thing… until that is it hit us like a bolt of lightning!

Creators Bill Prady and Chuck Lorre are geniuses.

[Editor’s Note: This would be the point where NBC executives are probably going to want to stop reading]

After almost a decade of trying to recapture the magic from the heydays of the “Must See TV” 90’s, the not nearly as hip CBS network just beat NBC at their own game. Or, in the parlance of the show that has yet to meet a geeky reference it can’t mine for a laugh, THE BIG BANG THEORY is FRIENDS: THE NEXT GENERATION. Especially when you consider the following:

While Penny and Leonard have always been THE BIG BANG THEORY’s version of Rachel and Ross as evidence by the nerdy non-medical-doctor’s inexplicable ability to attract a ridiculously hot blonde who is way out of his league, the FRIENDS comparisons become even more apt when you take a look at the rest of the cast. Kooky blonde Bernadette with a bizarre taste in men is Phoebe, sleazy womanizer Wolowitz is one “How you doin’?” short of Joey, Raj’s inability to talk to women is a pre-Monica Chandler, while neurotic Amy Farrah Fowler is Monica with an undiagnosed case of Aspergers, mother issues and all. Add to that the perpetually single Sheldon as Gunther and Bazinga… We proudly present the slightly less attractive version of FRIENDS Version 2.0. Discuss.

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  • Anonymous

    I think most of your comparisons are big stretches, to be honest. Bernadette is certainly no Phoebe. Probably the closest one would be Leonard and Penny to Ross and Rachel.

    I hadn’t heard the news about Mayim Bialik being a series regular. I think she’s a great addition to the show so this is good news!

    We’ll see if it lasts though. Sara Gilbert was made a regular at one point but didn’t stay on the show too long.

  • Yes, it’s a bit of a stretch. But you can’t ignore the show’s very savvy way that they’re broadening out their audience to attract women, and a larger audience on Thursday

  • Cyankees

    As it was said its a bit of a far fetched relatoin but was funny to read ! As for the new addition, I thought it was fun at the beginning but i m begginning to get bored and kind of annoyed…. Sheldon is funny as its own and I prefered the tandem Penny/Sheldon which lately hasnt been that much used.. what do you think ?