Separated at Birth: American and Canadian TV Audiences!

Canada has a new ruler and his name is Sheldon Cooper! No really. Since moving to Thursday at 8PM, THE BIG BANG THEORY has not only consistently won its time slot in the United States, but has quickly established itself as Canada’s most popular import, attracting a whopping [in Canadian terms] 3.44 million viewers the week of November 1-7. A statistic which naturally got us thinking: With THE BIG BANG THEORY officially cementing its status as Canada’s most watched show (not to mention, most popular sitcom since FRIENDS), is it possible that we can now add “better taste in television” to a growing list of awesome things about Canada that also happens to include free health care and poutine?

Well, after a little research that saw our crack research staff us rank the top 25 weekly TV shows via total viewer from both Canada and the United States, we have unequivocally come to the conclusion that No — as luck would have it — Canadian and American viewing patterns are exceptionally (and disappointedly) similar. Both countries love generic procedurals, worship their respective national pastimes (Football in the US, Hockey in Canada) and Andy Rooney. But hey, don’t take our word for it, see a side by side comparison for yourself after the jump.

America’s Top 25 Viewers Canada’s Top 25 Viewers
DWTS 19.93 The Big Bang Theory 3.40
Sunday Night Football 19.36 Criminal Minds 2.77
DWTS Results 16.93 The Mentalist 2.70
NFL Pregame 16.04 Amazing Race 17 2.67
60 Minutes 15.14 Grey’s Anatomy 2.67
World Series Game 6 14.95 $#*! My Dad Says 2.43
Criminal Minds 14.57 Survivor: Nicaragua 2.35
The Mentalist 14.42 DWTS 2.28
The Big Bang Theory 14.00 D. Housewives 2.05
CSI 13.96 H.N.I.C 2.04
Two and a Half Men 13.64 Castle 1.92
Desperate Housewives 12.71 DWTS Results 1.86
Survivor: Nicaragua 12.30 CSI: NY 1.84
Modern Family 12.24 Dragon’s Den 1.79
Grey’s Anatomy 11.91 CSI: Miami 1.78
NCIS (R) 11.51 Law & Order: LA 1.72
Castle 11.27 CTV Evening News 1.66
Undercover Boss 11.03 Battle of the Blades 1.61
$#*! My Dad Says 11.01 The Simpsons 1.60
Amazing Race 17 10.85 Blue Bloods 1.60
Hawaii Five-0 10.85 Hawaii Five-0 1.56
Mike & Molly 10.74 Law & Order: SVU 1.48
NCIS: LA (R) 10.72 Undercover Boss 1.45
CSI: NY 10.57 Bones 1.44
Blue Bloods 10.31 NCIS: LA 1.33

[Photo Credit: CTV Photos]

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  • Battle of the Blades sounds ridiculously Canadian. I would love to check it out haha

  • This gets a bit skewed because some shows are not on any Canadian channel/network so you would not see them get ranked and some shows are on networks that reach far fewer people so the ratings will naturally be much lower.

  • Matt

    Well as a Canadian I will admit to not watching any of those 25 shows.