Your Ultimate Guide to the Best of the Web: Animated

From SOUTH PARK to FAMILY GUY, some of the most popular shows on television right now are animated. So it should come as no surprise that a lot of the best web series online are animated too. Animation works great for web series. It cuts down the number of actors you need (most only have a few people doing all of the voices) and it opens up a lot of subject matter (animated explosions are a lot easier to clean up after than real ones).

He may be full of Vitamin C, but Orange will do anything he can to bother his fellow kitchen residents. Animators superimpose actors’ eyes and mouths onto video of fruits and vegetables to bring these usually inanimate foods to life. Most of the other fruits and vegetables can’t stand Orange, with the exception of his best friend Pear, but viewers can’t get enough. THE ANNOYING ORANGE is the tenth most subscribed channel on Youtube, and is consistently a top performer in lists of most watched web series.

Two teams, Red and Blue, face off in a comedic battle to capture each other’s flag. The series is made using the machinima technique. Animators first record the dialogue, then use an existing video game to provide graphics, in this case Halo. Despite the fact that their characters are pre-made and don’t exactly have faces, Red vs. Blue manages to give them surprisingly complex personalities. 

Baman and Piderman, not to be confused with Batman and Spiderman, are best friends. And that’s about the only concrete thing that can be said about this web series. Their voices sound like insane toddlers, and the animation style is only about half a step away from being too creepy to watch. Despite that, you will be laughing in seconds for no discernible reason.

This web series gives viewers what they so often want out of a movie; a better ending. Each episode takes a different multi-million blockbuster and pokes fun at their plot wholes, bad ideas, and general lack of logic. 

Showtime produced this animated prequel to the events in its hit drama, Dexter. Created exclusively for the Internet, this web series takes the opportunity to further explore Dexter’s character as he hunts serial killers and provides his own form of justice. The animation style is gorgeous and Michael C Hall narrates, which is always a plus.

Homestar runner’s popular character, Strongbad, answers fan e-mails with nonsensically hilarious responses. He often mocks the sender, and always gets their name wrong, but his zeal for life and unique voice, which sounds like an angry Grover, are infectious.

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