Anne Hathaway Hosts SATURDAY NIGHT LIVE and we’ve got your Good, Bad & Ugly

THE GOOD: After last week’s virtually unwatchable edition of SATURDAY NIGHT LIVE hosted by Scarlett Johansson, this TV Addict is sure as heck thankful for Anne Hathaway, whose infectious energy and willingness to do anything for a laugh helped contribute to one of the most delightful episodes of the season. Highlights of which included Hathaway’s spot on send-up of Katie Holmes during The Miley Cyrus Show, her defense of The Princess Diaries playing Kate Middleton in a sketch that saw Prince Hairpiece William break the news of their engagement to the King and Queen, not to mention her flawless channeling of Judy Garland during a “TCM Essentials” bit that revealed a bunch of deleted scenes from The Wizard of Oz featuring (groan!) Fred Armisen. Also adding to last night’s hilarity was Jay ‘Can do no wrong’ Pharoeh who brought his bag of bang-on impersonations (Jay-Z, Drake and Biggie Smalls) to Seth Meyers’ always first-rate Weekend Update and SNL’s hilarious take on the recent TSA screening controversy and the upcoming Black Friday sales.

THE BAD: You mean aside from the fact that we really want to try this Four Loko energy drink? Well, with the notable exception of Kristen Wiig’s consistently unfunny ‘Penelope’ character, and Abby Elliott’s Rachel Maddow impersonation which was the weakest link in a surprisingly stellar cold open, last night’s episode was pleasantly short on low points. Which brings us to…

THE UGLY: Scarlett Johansson. Yes, we realize she wasn’t on the show last night, and obviously, there is very little ‘ugly’ about Scarlett Johanssan. That said, when two of Hollywood’s most popular young actresses just so happen to host SNL one after the other, it’s hard not to make comparisons. And unfortunately for Johanssan, it was Hathaway who came out looking like a star.

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  • Smarmydave

    I don’t think ScarJo was at fault, or that she wasn’t as good of a host, in last week’s unfunny episode. Hosts don’t write much of their material and I though ScarJo was enthusiastic & energetic (and, no doubt, stunning as usual). With that said, you’re right on the money that last night’s AnneHath show was one of this season’s best so far. She’s so talented & beautiful, and did a great job in really every skit she was in. What a breath of fresh air!

  • Nick

    Hilarious clip.

  • four loko is actually an alcohol/caffiene drink. but it was just banned by the fda this weekend. If you’ve ever done like 10 redbull and vodka shots it would be similar to that.