3 Unexpectedly Positive Things to Kinda, well Maybe, Possibly Come Out of FOX’s Midseason Schedule

It’s been almost three days since FOX released their 2010-2011 Midseason Schedule and we’re not gonna lie, it hasn’t been easy. Yet after burying our feelings in thin crust Dominos pizza and coming to the conclusion that Network President Kevin Reilly probably isn’t a shapeshifter sent by Walternate to put an swift end to the FRINGE team we’ve come to know and love, something finally occurred to us: It’s kinda, well, maybe possible that the new FOX schedule isn’t all that bad. Find out why after the jump.

FRINGE Gets a Stay of Execution
“It’s not show friends, it’s show business,” isn’t just a line from a movie [Jerry Maguire], it’s a reality. Which is why, as much as we’d like to take FOX to task for giving FRINGE the old “Whedon” special (read: Friday nights starting January 28) the numbers don’t lie. Suffice to say, after two seasons of consistently hemorrhaging half of its very healthy BONES lead-in, FRINGE is lucky to get moved, rather than outright canceled. And while a Friday night deathslot, err… we mean timeslot is nothing to celebrate, there is always that possibility that should the best show on television you’re currently not watching manage to hold onto a good chunk of its viewers from Thursday, it not only could establish itself as the network’s first bonafide Friday breakout hit since THE X-FILES, but see itself rewarded with a fourth season as a result.

BONES Gets a Big Promotion 
One of the most interesting pieces of intel BONES creator Hart Hanson dropped during his recent foray North of the 49th Parallel — when he wasn’t spoiling the ending of the show or talking about the upcoming spinoff that is — was his one bone of contention with the FOX network. Turns out, the only drawback to having what he calls a “mighty audience that I have yet to drive away,” is that BONES was often bounced around to fill holes in the Network’s schedule and that Hanson, “would have loved to have been after AMERICAN IDOL to see what we would have done [in the ratings].” Now whether or not Hanson had an inkling of what was coming one can only guess. What we do know is that starting January 20th, the show that has seen more timelsots than Charlie Sheen arrests will finally get the rarified opportunity to air after television’s biggest behemoth. Here’s hoping IDOL fans forgot to change the batteries in their remotes.

Now what we know what you’re thinking, what far-fetched silver-lining could the TV Addict possibly have concocted for COMMUNITY and THE VAMPIRE DIARIES’ fans who aren’t quite sure of what to expect when their critically acclaimed, albeit lowly rated series go face-to-face with a menace far more terrifying than THE BIG BANG THEORY’s Sheldon Cooper. Well, brace yourself, because we’re about to blow your mind with the following thought: Airing against AMERICAN IDOL could quite possibly be the best thing to happen to the NBC and CW cult favorites since the invention of that gooey hair gel that does wonders for stars Joel McHale and Paul Wesley’s hair. No really, think about it… did not both shows just get handed a free pass for a third season? After-all, which Network executive in their right mind is going to expect any ratings improvement when you’re up against the reality TV juggernaut that is AMERICAN IDOL.

  • hilsto

    Thursday was also a death slot for Fringe. I wish it had stayed on Tuesdays where it was doing fine. It’s my favorite show on tv so of course I’m going to be pissed at any tinkering that historically has a bad track record, but I’ve been pissed since it moved to Thursday and lost 40% of its audience to DVR. I hope they are telling the truth about it being deemed a “success” if it keeps at least its current number on Friday. I am ready go psycho fan on them if I need to.

  • Anonymous

    Most people are predicting the CW will move Vampire Diaries out of that slot. It’s their highest rated show, they don’t want it up against Idol.

    If Community can manage to hold the ratings it has now, NBC should be extremely happy.

  • Drippan

    I wonder how Bones is going to do against CSI/Grey’s Anatomy? Bones is a forensic/character/drama. CSI is a stronger forensic show where Grey’s is a character/drama.

    Bones had a pretty good following with only half hour shows going against it or the scifi of Vampire Diaries. I don’t watch half hour comedies and am overly full on vampire stories so it was easy to pick Bones up out of the group.

    This move is going to have the viewers really narrow down what they like to watch on TV. As can be seen, alot of fans turned the channel after Bones vice sticking around to watch Fringe.

  • Sam

    It is going to be interesting to see how Bones does after AI. I’ve never been an AI fan but hopefully Bones can benefit from being after it since it will now be up against similar one hour shows as opposed to half hour comedies.

  • Cass

    Thank you for the new perspective. I’ve been freaking out about FRINGE’s move to FOX’s notorious timeslot. Already wrote them a nice email gushing about FRINGE’s awesomeness. I of course welcome any potential ratings boost for BONES, another favorite, and I’m glad they aren’t outright canceling FRINGE–it is consistently better with each amazing new episode and I love it; but I worry about it. I liked my FOX Thursdays. BONES and FRINGE were a great night for me. Any competition I watch later, online. But I’ll follow BONES and FRINGE anywhere they go. So I guess I’ll be staying home more Friday nights. If they’re moving the worn-out AI, it had better at the very least indirectly boost ratings for FOX’s two best shows: FRINGE and BONES.

  • Gerrit Verstoep

    Following AI could create a DVR Hell for viewers of Bones which could cost them losses in the ratings.

    AI, especially the results show, is notorious for running long and this could adversely affect Bones viewers and DVRers who have no interest in American Idol.

    The on and off of ‘Did my show start on time this week?’ may permanently turn off frustrated viewers.

  • Charles Carmichael

    I just hope Community, Fringe, and The Vampire Diaries are all safe and last many more seasons.

    I loathe American Idol

  • Lostinironton

    Now Bones will get slammed with that over-packed time-slot where Fringe was forced to bleed out…

    Oh well, I’m following Fringe to Fridays.