Must Read TV: Jorge Garcia, Mia Michaels, Black Friday DVD Deals & More!

• David Boreanaz reacts to the Whedon-Free BUFFY reboot, shockingly acknowledges his BUFFY past! (Above twitpic above courtesy of @harthanson)
• Joss Whedon reacts to BUFFY reboot, “I Have Strong, Mixed Emotions.”
• Shonda Speaks! On the much-buzzed about GREY’S ANATOMY musical episode.
• BIG Salary Bump, for BIG BANG star Simon Helberg.
• The New Adventures of Julia Louis-Dreyfus… will have her starring in HBO’s Comedy Pilot VEEP.
• The death of a meme: Donald Glover calls a truce with the new Peter Parker.
• SMALLVILLE and THE SIMPSONS fans will not want to miss getting a jump on your Holiday shopping, courtesy of some amazing Black Friday Deals from Amazon.

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