Today’s TV Addict Top 5: Unwelcome Bits of TV Related News

DirecTV is no longer in the business of saving shows
Bad news FRINGE fans, DirecTV — the satellite provider that made an unbelievably fantastic name for itself by extending the life of such TV Addict favorites like FRIDAY NIGHT LIGHTS and DAMAGES — will no longer be in the business of doing so. “In the future, I think we’re going to move away from that model,” said Chris Long, DirecTV senior entertainment and production VP, who in an interview with Daily Variety revealed that the company will instead opt to develop their own original content from here on it. [Source]

There will be nothing funny about Thursday’s Thanksgiving
For those looking for a much needed laugh following a hectic and stress-filled Thanksgiving Holiday, we’ve got some very bad news for you. Rather than serve up fresh helpings of COMMUNITY, 30 ROCK and THE OFFICE this Thursday, NBC will instead be airing a “People of the Year” special hosted by Matt Lauer [Groan!] What’s worse, said people of the year will include Kim Kardashian [Double Groan!], and LeBron “The Decision” James [Triple Groan!]. Needless to say, you have been warned. [Source]

Are you ready for GLEEK’S ANATOMY?
According to Michael Ausiello, GREY’S ANATOMY is seriously considering doing a musical episode sometime during the second half of the season. And while we have nothing against musical episodes per-say (see: SCRUBS), most definitely not music to our ears is the timing of this one. Which naturally raises the slightly awkward albeit painfully obvious question: Why exactly would creator Shonda Rhimes risk straying off course with a needless ratings stunt after working so hard to finally right the sinking ship that was Seattle Grace. [Source]

Meet the writer of the new BUFFY THE VAMPIRE SLAYER Film
While we’re the first to fess up to our complete and utter lack of qualifications when it comes to commenting on the proposed Whedon-free BUFFY THE VAMPIRE SLAYER film reboot, having embarrassingly enough not yet managed to get through even the first season of Joss Whedon’s seminal masterpiece, we do know a thing or two about the internet. And as someone who has spent the better part of the past four years running a fairly popular television blog, we are more than qualified to chime in with one of the most important lessons we’ve learned about blogging: Under no circumstance should you mess with the Whedonesque. We’re just sayin’ [Source]

Kate Gosselin’s Show is not cancelled
No explanation needed. [Source]

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  • Charles Carmichael

    WOW! If you have not watched the entire series of Buffy the Vampire Slayer, then please, I repeat, please, go buy all of the seasons on DVD asap!! Trust me, you will not be disappointed. Buffy is the show that started my TV addiction. Buffy was like crack for me lol.

  • Where were you 453 posts ago?

  • It’s on my bucket list.

  • AliciaJo

    To be honest about Buffy you’ll have to wait to pass judgment on it until season 2. S1 has it’s moments but the show found itself in the second season. Also how can you call yourself addicted to TV with seeing BtVS?

    On the note of a GA musical ep…what are they going to do, have Callie Torres sing everything? I didn’t know that anyone else on that cast could sing and she has won a Tony.

  • why change thursday scheduling? it’s the one day of the year that everyone is going to be home!!!

  • Joss whedon has a lot of troubles with season 1s. which i assume means firefly would have been the best show EVAR because its first season was so good. *sigh*

    i don’t believe that anyone on GA can sing either.

  • Anonymous

    Haha, I know what you mean. I bought the first season of Buffy on DVD but didn’t make it past episode 10. I then sold it. But even I know not to go against Whedon fans.

  • Anonymous

    Yes, let’s all gather around the tube and eat turkey with Michael Scott…

  • Megan

    As a fellow TV blogger, but more importantly as a huge Buffy fan, I must agree, you don’t mess with Whedon. That is the epic mistake of the year. Buffy without Whedon is just … vampires, and don’t we already have Twilight for that?

    As for GA’s musical episode I believe Kevin McKidd can actually sing, but I’m not sure a musical episode would work. That being said, Buffy did a hilarious musical episode that is still a fan favorite so who knows?

  • shanna

    Actually, James Pickens and Owen (can’t remember his real name) both sing. Not sure about anyone else.

  • Nick

    Just mentioning that punk LBJ is enough to make me avoid that People special like the plague. If I ever see that phony quitter’s mug again it’ll be too soon. NBC, this is one night I hope your ratings rot in the gutter.