An Open Letter to THE BIG BANG THEORY’s Simon Helberg


Dear Simon Helberg,

You’ve just received an $85,000 per episode raise for your hilarious work on THE BIG BANG THEORY, what are you going to do next? Well, before you answer with the obligatory jaunt to DisneyLand or the more synergistic trip to Warner Bros. own Wizarding World of Harry Potter™, may we humbly suggest firing your agent. No, really.

While a salary bump from roughly $40,000 to $125,000 per episode might seem like an acceptable increase in pay following THE BIG BANG THEORY’s phenomenally successful move to Thursday nights at 8PM, coupled with an almost unheard of syndication deal that will net your show’s producers (Warner Bros.) a cool 2 million dollars an episode, your co-stars (with the exception of Kunal Nayyar whose contract negotiation remains unresolved) all made off slightly better. And by slightly, we mean waaaaaaay better.

Suffice to say, the fact are these: While we certainly don’t begrudge Jim Parsons, this year’s Emmy Winner for Outstanding Actor in a Comedy a much-deserved bump in salary — which on the off chance you don’t follow Deadline Hollywood Daily — was reportedly worth a whopping $250,000 per episode, we can’t help but feel that at the very least, you should be earning equal pay to that of Johnny Galecki and Kaley Cuoco who also saw their salary bumped to 250k. Co-stars, that while both talented and exceptionally likeable, aren’t responsible for fitting into those skin-tight oxygen constricting jeans on a weekly basis, or forced to endure the humiliation that comes with getting ‘pleasured’ by an animatronic arm in front of 13 million viewers. We’re just saying’

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  • Anonymous

    I agree with you! I don’t see why he should be making any less than Galecki and Cuoco. Really, they should have been treated as an ensemble cast the way that Friends did it. Obviously there’s an argument for Sheldon being considered the lead, but the rest of them are all about equal.

  • I second the Friends route for pay…

  • Nick

    Eh. If Sheldon is making $250G, the rest should be about half that. Really, who makes it a point to tune in for Simon? Bueller? Anyone? Nope. At least Galecki has name/face recognition, and Kaley’s hot. Simon and the other guy were unknowns.

  • You’re saying someone paid 2.75 million a year is getting ripped? WTF ARE YOU FUCKING CRAZY? He has all my pity, poor bastard.

  • Peter

    agreed. These salaries, even for tv shows (and sports), are way over the top. Yes, these guys bring in a lot of money for their employers, but in the end they are “just” actors and are making more money than most CEOs (or top scientists,…) out there? That’s just wrong.

  • shanna

    Sorry can’t agree with you. Although I think all the actors on an ensemble show should get paid the same, I can’t honestly quibble when he’s ostensibly getting paid more per episode than most Americans make doing 3 years of work. It’s just not a big problem.

  • Shanna,
    Please understand I’m in know way calling Simon Helberg underpaid, obviously regardless of these trying economic times we live in, the amount of money hollywood actors get is astronomical. All I’m saying, in comparison to what Galecki and Cuoco bring to the show, Helberg is more that deserving of equal pay.

  • Ajay C

    Kunal Nayyar is just as deserving, if not more, than Helberg. You have made no mention of him in anything you have written. Why Is that? With all the ethnic teasing Kunal’s character has to endure, I’d say that’s a thousand times a better argument for Nayyar than “oxygen constricting pants” for Helberg.