First Look: MAD MEN’s Jon Hamm Gets Simpsonsized

Having spent the first half of his career toiling away in relative obscurity, it’s understandable that Jon Hamm has made a habit out of making the most his downtime while MAD MEN’s on hiatus. Next up, in his impressive string of guest spots that include recent appearances on 30 ROCK, the Emmys, Rob Corddry’s CHILDREN’S HOSPITAL, Joshua Malina’s BACKWASH and CONAN, is a right of passage for any actor of his acclaim: THE SIMPSONS. And here with your first look at Hamm’s animated alter ego — an FBI agent who tosses Homer in the slammer for a laundry list of criminal offences in the New Year — is “Donnie Fatso” airs Sunday December 12 at 8PM on FOX (Global TV in Canada).

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