Today’s TV Addict Top 5: Things We’re Thankful For [TV Edition]

While consistent failure is probably not something the suits at ’30 Rock’ are thankful for this holiday season, the Peacock’s inability to attract a respectable number of eyeballs to anything outside of their Sunday Night NFL Football package is the best thing to happen to TV Addicts since the invention of the DVR/PRV. After-all, nothing keeps low rated gems like COMMUNITY, 30 ROCK, PARENTHOOD and CHUCK on the air like a complete and utter lack of alternatives. We’re just sayin’

Whether it’s providing us with a pipeline to television news and headlines as they happen, or acting as the ultimate running commentary while we’re watching our favorites, twitter has become so much more than the social media fad du jour, but rather, an invaluable viewing partner for any TV Addict.

DirecTV and the continued proliferation of cable
Despite the recent news that they’re getting out of the “Show Saving” business, we remain thankful for DirecTV’s Channel 101. Which not only provides a home for such classic must-see-TV as THE WIRE and BROTHERHOOD, but more importantly is responsible for extending the life of FRIDAY NIGHT LIGHTS and DAMAGES, the latter of which will premiere commercial-free beginning January 5th. Oh, and while we’re on the subject of niche cable networks, kudos must also be given to the likes of AMC (THE WALKING DEAD FTW!), Showtime (Yes, we’re already counting down to EPISODES), and HBO (BOARDWALK EMPIRE) which continue to give over-the-air broadcast a serious run for their money.

Now, before you accuse us of ‘phoning in’ this year’s “Top 5 Things We’re Thankful For” by once again including the shiny rectangular box that may-or-may-not be responsible for the downward trend in ratings that has plagued many of our favorite shows over the course of the past few years, consider the following: In an era when networks continue to believe its good business practice to schedule all of our favorite shows in direct competition of one another (see: Thursday nights at 9PM), the PVR/DVR — not to mention, its ability to condense any show with the help of those magical pause and fast-forward buttons — is perhaps the must own accessory for those serious about their TV Addiction.

Cheesy we know. But without you, yes YOU, taking the time to read, contribute, email, tweet, comment and if it wouldn’t be too much to ask — click on the occasional ad or two — would be a far less interesting place to visit. indeed, a web site is only as good as its readers and your increasingly frequent participation has only inspired us to work harder, interview more and if we must, continue to attend fabulous celebrity-filled parties and obnoxiously tweet about it.

Now that we’ve got that off our chest, now would be your chance — assuming you don’t find yourself in a Turkey-induced coma — to share with the group just what you’re thankful for in the comments below.

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  • Anonymous

    In that tradition thank YOU for making every day a little bit more fun with witty commentaries, fresh perspectives, shared thoughts and endless rants about TV shows this addict has never seen. Also news.

  • While this post was in now way a shameless plea for thanks-yous, the kind words are much appreciated.

  • Charles Carmichael

    I totally agree with you. I couldn’t live without my DVR. I also love Directv as well, even though they are no longer in the show saving business. Let’s hope they make an exception for Fringe if it needs saving. (Call me optimistic but I still have faith that most of its audience will follow it to Friday night.) I really don’t understand why no one watches NBC anymore. It’s my fav network. It has more must watch shows for me than any other network. Community, Chuck, The Office, Parks and Recreation, The Event, just to name a few.

  • Thanks for giving me news almost everyday. I always visit your site “EVERY” day. LOL.