Must Read TV: GLEE, LAW & ORDER, AMC & More!

• Gleek out, over Darren Criss and the Warblers’ rendition of Train’s ‘Hey Soul Sister’ (Above)
• To stuffed from Thanksgiving to get off the couch? Here’s a handy guide of Thanksgiving Weekend TV marathons.
• Skip the mall, with 10 TV series that you can watch in one weekend instead of shopping!
• Move over HBO, AMC is giving you a run for your money.
• Career Trajectory Alert! Andie MacDowell cast in ABC Family’s WHAT WOULD JANE DO.
• For no other reason than we love lists, 12 things you didn’t know about LAW & ORDER.
• Q&A: Richard Belzer

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  • shanna

    I think I need a Darren Criss-A-Day feature. He is so cute and sweet.

  • Shilo

    The only AMC show I watch is The Walking Dead. I think Mad Men, Rubicon, and Breaking Bad are all slow and boring, so I couldn’t stick with any of ’em (I did make it 2 seasons and change on Breaking Bad, but I got a few episodes behind and I realized I did not care the smallest iota). I think it’s still really soon for them to be comparing it to HBO (HBO has been making quality television for YEARS and has lasted when their shows weren’t the buzziest things on television, so how will AMC act when the Emmys are falling all over themselves giving their shows awards?), plus the criticisms of Showtime and FX are a little unwarranted, IMO. Interesting article, though.

  • hil

    HBO vs AMC is a problem I’m happy we are having. Sure beats the alternatives.