Good News, Bad News: Kristoffer Polaha, Kim Kardashian & Lee DeWyze


Good News: For Kristoffer Polaha, who has a lot to be thankful for this holiday season after signing a rich talent holding deal with CBS. Bad News: For LIFE UNEXPECTED fans, as Polaha’s talent deal effectively puts the final nail in the proverbial coffin. RIP LUX. [Source]

Good News: Kim Kardashian is dead. Bad News: For charity. [Source]

Good News: AMERICAN IDOL winner Lee DeWyze (Remember him?) is making headlines Bad News: For holding the dubious distinction of the worst opening sales of not just any IDOL winner, but runner up to date. Ouch. [Source]

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  • Anonymous

    RIP LUX!! Although i’m glad Kris has something else lined up, love him! Hopefully Brit Robertson can find something to!

  • Nick

    Hopefully Kris’s holding deal is a backup for LUX, which I’m still holding out hope for. Why, oh why, did they wait so long to delve deeper into the current plots/action/past/violence/rape(?). If these stories had emerged last season, more viewers would’ve been hooked.

  • Nick

    And the new rebel kid from Degrassi? Stroke of genius.