If Television Shows Came with Warning Labels: 90210 Edition

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  • Nick

    Oh, how I hate baby plots on TV shows. No one cares about fictional infants, and any time spent on them, plotwise, is a waste. I’d much rather have evil Jen on the show than Ryan stuck with a baby he seems to leave alone at will.

    Regarding Annie’s murder, that non-climax might be the biggest faux pas in TV history, and the writers/producers are lucky they’ve rebounded so well this season. I’m sure they lost viewers after last year’s finale pooper, though.

    That said, I’m loving this season.

  • While I too am enjoying this season, the way in which the show seems to toss off story-lines is infuriating. How has Naomi not acknowledged her sister’s “disappearance,” is Annie ever going to get anything interesting to do, and did Mr. Matthews really just use his “friendship” with Mr. Wilson as a reason to not hook up with Mrs. WIlson?

  • They sure lost me last season, and I was watching close to 50 shows, and didn’t mind watching more. This season I don’t have as much free time, so I doubt I’ll pick it up again.